Midgard Shield


Image RiotShield100.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense = 1 You batter the shield, but don't have the power to punch through. 3
Offense ≥ 2 You batter the shield with data until it collapses under the weight of your attack. 2 Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
View ≥ 1 then Command ≥ 2 You find the shield's software database and insert a line so it recognizes you as an approved vendor. It shouldn't bother you until the next update. 0 Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
Command ≥ 1 You issue some commands to the shield, but it just keeps flashing "UNAPPROVED." 3
View ≥ 1 There isn't much publicly facing information on this routine. It's probably intended for Midgard use only.

Checking over it, however, it seems to combine a basic system along the lines of a Password Lock with a constantly changing database of approved software. Any function not on the list runs the risk of being shut down while the shield is running.
The shield doesn't seem to respond to your batch. 0

Post-Batch Responses

Every round, you also get one of the following if the Midgard Shield is active (does not need to be targeted specifically):

Function Message U Result
Defense then Offense or Command The Midgard Shield tries to block <function>, but you protect your function with <functinon>. 0
Defense (no Offense or Command) The Midgard Shield can't find a way to crash any functions through your defences. 0
Offense or Command, with higher Code Finesse The Midgard Shield tries to block <function>, but you manage to slip it through. 0
Offense or Command Midgard Shield: Unapproved software detected. Shutting down <function>. 1 Blocks random Command or Attack function.

Generally: The Midgard Shield will try to shut down one Command or Attack Function. If shut down, the function will not do anything (including generate Unsubtle alert).

If you have any Defense, you can always use Attack/Command.

Otherwise, if you have Code Finesse, there is a random chance to slip through. 0 or less Code Finesse always fails. Higher Code Finesse has about a [Code Finesse / (Code Finesse+1] chance of slipping through (see discussion):
Code Finesse Chance
≤0 0%
1 ~50%
2 ~66%
3 ~75%
4 ~80%
5 ~83%
6 ~86%

Functions like Voice Command still count as "3rd" in the batch even if an earlier function was shut down.


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