Midgard Shipping Filtering


Image shippingdrone25.jpg
Description Midgard drones fill basically every job humans can, from guard duty to entertainment. A few also serve more specialized niches, like flying couriers, that humans would find awkward.

You have a registry of those sorts of couriers loaded up to help you search them out. It probably won't find any non-Midgard drones… or even Midgard non-shipping drones, but it should narrow your searches down to just Midgard shipping drones.
Hidden Flags Filtering Effect


Temporarily tune out drones other than Midgard Shipping with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
Quest recipe: learn recipe from Drone Registry.
computerchip.jpg Filtering Script
= You've gained 20 duration of Midgard Shipping Filtering.


When active, it filters out only Midgard Shipping Drones from the Shipping Drone Net, both on shoreline and high-altitude.

Activating another Filtering Effect with this effect active converts all duration of the effect to duration of the new filter.

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