Midgard Special Officer


Image Thrivaldi.jpg
Combat Name The armored figure
HP 141-143
Stats Perception:
Will: 15
Power Melee: 4-5
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 6
Ranged: 6
Fire: ≥9
Etheric: 10
Stealth: 6
Reactive: 0
Hidden Flags Etheric Affect
Awards 8 XP (plus some extra??)
You found: MSPSSP key
You found: corroded dermal plates (with salvaging tools or electrical kit equipped)
You learned a new Technique: Brutality (sometimes)


In the Buried lab, only once you've reached a high enough alarm


Brutality 2 8-9 ? Melee (normal)
'' 12-13 ? Melee (unopposed)
Inhuman Strength 3 19-20 ? Melee (normal)
'' Do nothing (with > 15? Strength or vs. Ranged or unopposed)
Armored Defense 4 ? ? Evasion(M,R) (normal)
'' ? ? Melee (unopposed)
Electrify Armor 2,4 3-6 ?-6-? Direct (vs. melee) Stuns next pass
'' Do nothing (otherwise)
Gas Grenade 4 4 4-8 None (normal) Gives ? turns of coughing fit
'' Do nothing (if air filter equipped)

During Combat

After every round of combat, he'll talk to you a little, a bit like Dr. Johnson:

The armored figure growls out a monologue, either distracted from the fight or looking for an opening. "Who sent you, I wonder? Icy? No, he'd do it himself. The raven? I suppose if he's not dead… maybe a new rogue? What's her name? Thomas?"


The armored figure growls out a few words, reminding you more of gravel shifting than any human voice. "You're not a complete slouch. Good. This can be fun."

or (Replaces the above under certain conditions?)

The armored figure growls, sounding more like gravel shifting than anything a human throat would produce. All the same, he's too focused on the fight to add much commentary.


The armored figure growls out a few words, either distracted from the fight or looking for an opening. "Who sent you, I wonder?"


He sighs heavily. "Either way… that's it. We'll have to scrub the place. And just when we get some fresh ones. Fucking hell."


Even through his opaque visor, you get the sense that the armored figure's eyes are widening. "Ah! You're Thomas's pet E. What a sloppy powerplay…"*


The armored figure cocks his head to the side. "You again? Well… that's bad for one of us."

It's hard to judge his emotions, but you get the feeling he might actually be concerned.


He growls again, talking, but apparently not to you. "Command… send in some cleaners. Someone discovered our…"


He growls, talking, but apparently not to you. "Command. Repeat… send in some cleaners!"

End Of Combat

- You run away:

You escape the figure's pursuit. The armored figure growls out a few words, reminding you more of gravel shifting than any human voice. "You're not a complete slouch. Good. This can be fun."

After running away a second time, or losing 4 times, (or losing twice but he asked for cleaners several times)?:

"What? Omega order? No, send in some cleaners! Ymir! Fucking Ginn! Anybody!"

A dull bass roar drowns out the rest of his words.

Your vision flickers strangely and you realize you're staring up at the dark ceiling. You're covered in blood that, judging by how much trouble you're having standing, might be yours.

A quick glance shows the armored figure is lying in ruins on the floor. His armor all but shattered, with steam pouring from the cracks.

Behind his shattered visor, knots of flesh cover his face. It's hard to say whether that's from whatever force knocked you out, but the look of shock and betrayal on his face is unmistakable.

You found: MSPSSP key

You've earned 8 XP

If you win

The figure collapses, strangely-colored steam pouring from his cracked armor. You move forward cautiously to take a closer look.

As you examine his armor, it falls apart, connected only by great strings of a lumpy, flesh-colored slime. On closer examination, the armor and circuits hook into the slime, although it's difficult to say why.

Coming from somewhere inside his helmet, you can hear a whisper. "Not a system failure, Thrivaldi is down. Scrub the place. Leave no…." Whatever's said next, you missed it behind a low bass roar.

The part you're unclear about is how you ended up face-down in a pool of your own blood. You definitely feel unsteady on your feet, but nobody else seems to be around. It'd be hard to tell even if they were, as the ceiling lights are out, leaving only feeble emergency lighting.

His body is still there, sort of. The armor is scattered like something exploded and whatever that slime was, it seems to have vanished… maybe evaporated by the same force.

You found: MSPSSP key

You've won the battle! or You've been beaten to hell! You barely crawled away from that fight intact, but your enemy is in way worse shape.

You've earned 12 XP

And, with salvaging tools and some condition?, the following is added after the last sentence:

Now that the coast is, apparently, clear, you run some electrical tests on the armor's remains. It had plenty of circuitry, all of it fried now, but looks like the distant predecessor to cyberware.

It might even be old enough to not have depended on that circuitry too much… You grab the handful of intact pieces.

And adds the following to the item drops:

You found: corroded dermal plates

If you lose, 2nd or 3rd time?:

As you drag yourself away from the fight, you hear him growling something, although you're fairly sure it's not directed at you.

It sounds like "command… requesting cleaners, I think we've got a rogue…"

nomnom25.jpg You feast on the figure's flesh, regaining x Energy.

Slimy masses of tissue push on the underside of the mirror and you feel an inhuman power welling up within you.

You learned a new Technique: Inhuman Strength (4)

You've earned 6 XP in Strength

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