Midgard Warehouse


Unlocked if you have the Docks available to you and a warehouse security badge is in your inventory.

You can also enter through the encounters Whispers with Midgard or Flitting Faelet, without gaining permanent direct access.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

Alert Level

There's a hidden number here that represents how much alarm you've managed to raise by your activities. This resets every rollover — see Waterfront flags for details. Note: for all the below, unless otherwise specified, no panic is gained if you run away or lose a combat.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

       Opponents        Encounter Text Conditions Notes
MidgardSecurityGuard.jpg As you move carefully through the warehouse, you've passed a number of guards. Most have ignored you.

You slip by another one, holding a small scanner. "Hold it! You're not registered!" He pulls out his baton with his other hand.

Apparently not being registered is serious business.
+1 warehouse panic if you win
MidgardSecurityGuard.jpg You slip from behind one stack of crates to another. In that split second you hear "halt, intruder!" followed by gunfire. Without Midgard Cap equipped +1 warehouse panic if you win
MidgardSecurityGuard.jpg x2 You hear a voice boom. "There's the intruder, move it!" Damn, they finally found you.

A pair of guards rushes you as the net closes in.
warehouse panic ≥ 5 +3 panic if you win
MidgardSecurityGuard.jpg x3 You hear scattered squawks of radios around the warehouse, trying to determine your position. A voice ahead says "any more of this and they'll send in more drones, lose our goddamned jobs."

As you back away to find a place to consider your options, a pair of guards comes in from the opposite direction. With practiced precision, the pair pens you in against a wall of crates while the other guard runs to their aid.
warehouse panic ≥ 15 +unlocked spider if you win
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg Passing under the warehouse's rafters you hear a scraping you above you. Moments later a dark form drops from above, sending crates scattering everywhere.

You hear a distant, echoing voice say "hey, stop throwing those crates around," but can't be bothered with that now that the thing is barreling at your neck.
Eclipse.jpg CrazySpider.jpg As you sneak through the warehouse, you hear a subtle sound behind you. It's… hard to pick out, somewhere between a snake's hiss and stone brushing against stone.

Glancing around, you notice movement in the warehouse's rafters. A mass of black stone falls into the stack of crates next to you, showering you with fake wood splinters.

As you scramble back to find a better position to investigate, the stone unfolds into a twisted mockery of a spider.
If unlocked spider and without Spider Venom
Eclipse.jpg trashgolem.jpg x3 As you make your way through the stacks, you notice the light waver. The three stacks towering around you loom, then ripple into humanoid forms. Drops special items from the stacks of crates

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Eclipse.jpg Ocean's Inventory Gain 5 energy of Ocean Song, gain warehouse inventory. Only with Ocean Sight
Eclipse.jpg Stalking Spider Gain 3 XP in Perception If unlocked spider and Spider Venom

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Clipboard Dilemma

  1. Ask for the papers - Nothing, get to pick another choice
  2. Demand the papers - Get warehouse inventory, gain +3 warehouse panic
  3. Beat him (evil) - Fight 1 Midgard worker, may drop warehouse inventory
  4. Gun him down (evil) - Get 1 warehouse inventory, +1 warehouse panic
  5. Ignore him/Leave - Nothing

coffee.jpg Stacks of Crates
  1. Unearth the reaction chamber - Only after using warehouse inventory to look for it
  2. Look for fae plushes - Only when on quest to destroy them
  3. Open crate 1623 - Only after using warehouse inventory to look for slags antidote Get 5? vials of Slags antidote
  4. Dig for the prototype - Only after using warehouse inventory and not looking for the slags antidote. Get prototype vest or watch of tomorrow or SDnano prototype or Midgard MK11a or chameleon glands
  5. Grab a random crate - Get 12-17 Eclipse OR inactive SDmicro OR chemicals, 5-8? of: gas grenades, Nitro, targeting circuit, white flakes, dynamite, microrocket (NOTE: I believe this has been confused with the next crate, armaments. confirm targeting circuit?) OR Armaments: Southside Division: 3? of: gas grenades, microrocket, targeting circuit

    The crate is labeled 'SlagMed only':
    Get 4-7? of: first aid kit, scrubs bottoms, scrubs top, trauma reference
    Midgard Security Forces:
    9? of: basic scope, gas grenades, gas mask, heavy pistol, protein bar, security visor
  6. Hide and nap - Gain 32? hp
  7. Leave - Nothing

coffee.jpg Workers on break
  1. Interrogate them - fight 2 Midgard workers and 1 Midgard Security (+3 warehouse panic if you win), unless wearing you have ≥3 EP: gain 2 XP Will
  2. Charge in - (evil) Fight 3 Midgard workers (+3 warehouse panic if you win)
  3. Stop and chat - If wearing Midgard cap, learn about inventory, gain Metros Light, cup of joe, half of a sandwich or pep pill, otherwise: fight 1 Midgard Security (+1 warehouse panic if you win)
  4. Leave them - Nothing

coffee.jpg Spider Drone - if unlocked spider
  1. Rush it - Fight Midgard SD1, gain 2 XP in Strength regardless of result
  2. Go hide - Escape, gain 4 XP in Perception (with stealth power of 4 (or possibly less)?) OR fight Midgard SD1, gain 2 XP in Perception regardless of result
  3. Run away - Escape, gain 4 XP in Reflexes and learn Leaping Dodge (if your reflexes are high enough?) OR Fight Midgard SD1, gain 2 XP in Reflexes regardless of result

Catburgling on the Catwalk - only after using warehouse inventory to discover location of protein analyzer parts. Supervisor's Office shows up instead if you've gained entry.

  1. Swipe worker's ID - Unlocks Spying on the Supervisor
  2. Swipe supervisor's ID
    1. (Leads to Supervisor's Office)
  3. Set some dynamite - +? warehouse panic
  4. Crack open the card reader - (with Electrical kit equipped): without frayed cable and signal analysis circuit, examine card reader, or otherwise, bypass the reader and:
    1. Head in
      1. (Leads to Supervisor's Office)
    2. Admire your work - gain 6 Will XP
    3. Leave it for now - Walk Away
  5. Toss some Nitro - Fight 2 Midgard Security, unlocks office
  6. Blast it with NitroX - Take minor damage, unlocks office
  7. Batter the door - Unlock the office if you have a sledge hammer and 20+ Strength, otherwise fight security
  8. Head back downstairs - Walk away

Spying on the Supervisor - only after attempting to swipe worker's ID in catburgling on the catwalk encounter, as long as you don't have a warehouse supervisor ID

  1. Charge in - Fight 3 Midgard workers and the warehouse supervisor
  2. Follow her as she leaves - fight 3 Midgard security personnel OR with sufficient stealth power:
    1. Rush her - Fight the warehouse supervisor and gain the warehouse supervisor ID if you win
    2. Steal the card - with sufficient stealth power, gain the warehouse supervisor ID OR fight the warehouse supervisor
    3. Let her be - ?
  3. Rush in and steal the ID - fight the warehouse supervisor and 3 Midgard workers OR gain the warehouse supervisor ID along with 6 XP in Reflexes
  4. Leave them to their meeting - ?

PDA.jpg Supervisor's Office - only after unlocking it from the Catburgling on the Catwalk encounter
  1. Hack the computer (with processor device equipped) - Warehouse Computer (hacking)
  2. Search the cubicle Gain office thermos, Arzac prescription or interoffice memos
  3. Search the office walls
    1. Enter - Gain unstable emitter, unused Y4, etc. if you enter the right code
    2. Leave it be
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