Found At

Mikhail can be found in the deli which he owns in Southside. He sells various goods in his deli.


First time:
Gives you the Southside Park quest.

  • He offers you 50 credits for investigating the park, which you may accept or decline.

Upon returning with Eclipse:
Asks you to show the sample to Lo.

  • Gain contact: Lo

Upon completion of Docks Quest:

  • Offers you 500 credits, which you may accept or decline.
  • If you decline, he can buy a new grill and begins selling extra stuff at his deli.

If you have asked Lo to rescue David on his own:

If Lo has been killed:

  • Comments on the sadness of it all.


1 - First time
2 - After accepting the Southside Park Quest
3 - After finding some Eclipse
3a - After talking to Lo, but not showing him Eclipse yet
4 - After showing Lo some Eclipse
5 - After completing the Docks Quest
6 - After finishing the Docks Quest and accepting/declining his reward
7 - After sending Lo to rescue Dr. Amundsen
8 - After saving Lo, Dr. Amundsen, and David
9 - After saving Dr. Amundsen, but Lo and David are dead
10 - After Lo, Dr. Amundsen and David dying
11 - After rescuing Hel, if Lo, Dr. Amundsen and David died

Intro1 Morning, old friend!

I'm going to cut right to the chase. Southside Park's never been a place to go at night, but something's seriously wrong.

Closest I can tell, the bums've gone crazy. Streets around there aren't even safe for the gangs anymore. Some of them broke into my place last night… totally trashed. The grill will be shutdown for weeks. I'll have to run the place from a damned microwave.

So that's my sob story. You've gotta help us out.
Sure thing
Not Interested
Sure thing1 Great! Just what I wanted to hear!

The only other thing I know is that some new gang's moved in to the park, around the same time. Probably has something to do with it.

Oh, and I'll beam over your usual 50 creds for signing up.
Thanks, Mikhail
No, you keep the money for your repairs
Thanks, Mikhail1 Good luck!

You gained 50 credits!
End of conversation
No, you keep the money for your repairs1 Really? Thanks! Oh, thanks! You're a saint! A real saint! End of conversation
Not Interested1 Alright, well, think about it, alright? Give me a call back if you think differently. End of conversation
Intro2 No luck with the bums? Well keep looking. I'm sure you'll find something. They couldn't have gone craz… crazier for no reason.

Try to find someone in the park who isn't crazy. See if it has anything to do with this new drug I keep hearing about.
End of conversation
Intro3 What's this Eclipse you're talking about? Sounds pretty damned strange.

I think I have an idea of someone to ask, though.

There's an old man, goes by Lo, hangs around my deli all the damned time. He used to be a scientist, I think. He might be able to help.

Drop by some time and we'll see.

You've gained a new contact: Lo
End of conversation
Intro3a Nice to see you again, but I haven't got any new assignments for you. End of conversation
Intro4 Hey, Lo told me about the flower… juice thing. I think he's got the right idea. Shut this garbage off at the source and things'll get back to normal.

And you can get your 500 cred, of course.
End of conversation
Intro5 Fantastic! Things are looking a lot better around here. You're the best!

Here's your five hundred, like I promised. Don't spend it all in one place. Unless it's here.
Take it
Make him keep it
Take it5 Here you go. I'll beam it right over. Have a blast!

You gained 500 credits!
End of conversation
Make him keep it5 What? You don't want it?

You're the best! A real angel!

Now I'll be able to get customers again and get a new grill!
End of conversation
Intro6 I've got to say, things have been way better. If anything else goes wrong, anything at all, you'll be the first person I call! How's the store?
Talk to you then (Ends conversation)
How's the store? It's been good, thanks to you! Having the grill back is a godsend. I've even been trying to add some fish to the menu, if you come across some.

Well, you can't buy fish from the lake normally because of all the chemicals but importing it costs more than anyone here could afford.

So if you get together a shipment of fresh fish, say six decent-sized fish, I can get you at least forty credits. Any day you want, just drop by the front and I'll take what you've got.

Or, after giving him some fish (resets after rollover):
Thanks for the fish! Folks have been loving it, hoping I can get some every day.

I told them it depends on the supplier, so no pressure.
I have some
I'll see Ends conversation
I have some If in Southside, takes you to Mikhail's Deli. Otherwise:

Great! Drop by the deli when you've got a chance.
End of conversation
Intro7 I gotta say, I'm a bit worried about Lo. Normally, guy's pretty laid back, ya know?

But he just whipped out of here.
Where'd he go?
You worry too much
Where'd he go?7 Oh, not far. Just that run down old building across the park from here.

I know he has a friend that lives there, guy by the name of David, but this time seemed… different. I dunno, like he was on edge.
End of conversation
You worry too much7 Yeah, you're right. Lo can take care of himself, no worries from me. I've got a business to run, after all. End of conversation
Intro8 Nice to see you again, but I haven't got any new assignments for you. End of conversation
Intro9 I heard… I heard Lo's gone. That's… that's harsh.

He was a good man. I hope people are just lyin'… but it has been a while.
End of conversation
Intro10 (MISSING) The Slags?
Thanks, Mikhail
The Slags?10 The Slags… I dunno if you'd want to even go there. They're south of the docks, around the lake.

Used to be a bunch of factories. Then there was a terrible accident. Lo knew something about it… but wouldn't talk too much.

Anyway, whole place blew sky high. Nothing but melted buildings left. Midgard built a big wall around the place.

Lo would want you to go, I guess. There's a Metros stop, way at the end of the brown line, that's within walking distance.
End of converstation
Thanks, Mikhail10 (MISSING) (MISSING)
Intro11 You brought her back. She's… interesting, but I'm glad Lo's last wishes got fulfilled.

I wonder what they were all up to.
End of converstation
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