Mimetic Sheet


Image Circuit25.jpg
Description This flexible circuit board is affixed to polysteel so it can be easily welded to something sturdier. As long as you don't mind a few wires, it can make many things into a secondary memory source for a computer.
Type Misc


Create a flexible circuit board with two Polysteel, two Gold Foils, and four Formatted Memory Cores
Quest Recipe: Requires recipe from Shared Files.
toolbelt.jpg 2 Polysteel, 2 Gold Foils, 4 Formatted Memory Cores
= Mimetic Sheet

Salvaging crafted components below


Blend circuit and leather by adding a Mimetic Sheet to your Gang Jacket.
Gang Jacket Mimetic Sheet
= Mimetic Gang Jacket
Fill some Unlined Pants with a Mimetic Sheet.
Unlined Pants Mimetic Sheet
= Mimetic Pants
Complete an Unlined Vest with a Mimetic Sheet.
Unlined Vest Mimetic Sheet
= Mimetic Vest
toolbox.jpg polysteel, gold foil
GoldCoins.jpg .16 Goods
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