Mine Entrance



Encounter Conditions

Wearing a scuffed mining helmet
While underground

Initial Text

Your headlamp cuts through the darkness, revealing the entrance to an old tunnel, shored up with wood of all things.

A cool, damp breeze blows back out of the tunnel. You could imagine it's beckoning you.

Summary of Choices

  1. Head in - Unlock mining encounters
  2. Ignore it - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Head in

You make your way into the entrance, letting your trusty helmet light the way. It smells… damp and earthen and smoky. The air down here probably isn't healthy, but it doesn't seem too bad compared to the air up top anyway.

As you continue along the path, your helmet light flicks out. Damn.

(Unlock mining encounters)

Ignore it

Yeah, there's crazy and then there's "imagining there's a mine under Metroplex" crazy. It's probably best to just pretend you didn't see anything.

(Doesn't even count for the 1/5th of an energy)

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