Minor Quests

The following are not Quests as listed in the quest log, but are minor things you can investigate in Metroplexity, leading to additional skills, items, techniques or other rewards. Spoilers are hidden below. If you want to poke around but not sure where to start, these may give you some hints at things that are more than they seem at first glance.

Poetry on the Quad

On the quad, there is a horrible poet whose life goal seems to be to annoy the bejesus out of everyone.

  • Equipping the Survey of Modern Poetry will prevent this encounter from showing up (only while equipped).
  • Killing the poet or doing the Punk Uprising quest will permanently remove this encounter, but doing either adds additional combat encounters to the quad.

Bad poetry: obtained if you ignore him (or kill him).

  • "Respond with worse" with bad poetry equipped, to transforms it to satirical poetry.

Satirical poetry:

Programmatic poetry:

  • "Respond with worse" with programmatic poetry equipped (twice? or maybe a stat check?), to transforms it to programmatic satire.

Programmatic satire:

Mutant Cell Sample

See Nightmares-in-a-jar

Burning Ectoplasm

Children's Paint Set

Drone Schematics

Protein Database

See also:
Mysterious Drone Signature
Orange Juice Sample

Art Museum


To be investigated

Items that seem promising to investigate (either because of overt hints, underused, or seem explicitly sub-optimal):

Rocky Spores

Spider Nest

A bunch of PvP stuff


Additionally, nearly every Unearthly Item is a self contained little mystery to investigate.

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