Mirror Gazing


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Description You've learned how to pull the dark shapes from your antique handmirror. It takes some serious willpower and concentration, but you'll get a little bit of whatever was trapped in there.
Effects Use from your character sheet (Costs One Energy)


Possible reward for the Ship of the Damned quest. Head for the treasure after killing some of the corpses. Successfully use the Catch Reflection technique in combat.


If you don't have any reflection caught:

You gaze into the mirror and see yourself. You decide you're not half bad looking and put the mirror away.

If you are out of Energy:

You gaze into the mirror and see vague shapes flitting about in the shadows beyond the silvered glass. You just can't work up the energy to focus on them. Maybe tomorrow.

If you've caught one or more reflections and have at least one Energy:

You gaze deep into the mirror, seeing shadowy shapes moving under the surface. With concentration, you call those shadows to the fore.

Plus the following:

Opponent Result Extra Messages
Everything except the following 1 XP
Dark Specter Dark Smoke (10 energy) Writhing black smoke pours out of the mirror and surrounds you.
Dark Specter (with an air filter) 2 XP (Will) Writhing black smoke pours out of the mirror and surrounds you. You chuckle at its efforts.
Midgard Heavy Guard (Gatling)
Midgard Heavy Guard (Unarmed)
2 XP
Titanic Mole 2 XP (Strength?)
Black Stone Beast,
Force Beast,
Winged Hunter
3 XP (Will)
Burrowing Centipede (without an air filter) 3 XP
Reduces Centipede Bite (others?) by 2 turns
Soothing vapors escape from the mirror, curling into strange mathematical patterns.
Holographic Spider 4 XP (Will?)
Smoke Dragon 5 XP (Will?)
Ocean King 6 XP (Will)
Deep Hunter Ocean Song (50 energy) A strange song echoes from the mirror and resonates through your body.
Flickering Guard Defense of the Gift or Call of the Gift (20 energy) A jagged arc of green light cuts across the mirror, resembling nothing so much as a crooked smile. A strange energy fills you.
Ghoul Ghoul Bite
Ghoul King Kingly Strength (20 energy) Within the mirror, you see the ghoul king's dark form smirking back at you. A surge of power pours into you as the shadow dissipates.
The Harvester high class mint (probably others) When you look up from the mirror, you find some candy to put another smile on your face.
Hollow Monstrosity strange candy corn A few strange shapes bubble to the surface of the mirror. You flip it over to find they're candy corn. Weird.
Insane Bum Dive For Cover
Kraken kraken ink Slimy black ink bubbles up from within the mirror, eventually spilling onto the ground. You bottle up what you can.
Lake Serpent, Terrible Serpent loose scales (sometimes?) As you continue to stare at the mirror the shapes become solid somehow.
Midgard Security Brutality
Midgard Special Officer Inhuman Strength (4)
6 XP Strength
Slimy masses of tissue push on the underside of the mirror and you feel an inhuman power welling up within you.
Mushroom Harvester rocky spores Strange rocky spores bubble to the surface of the mirror. You turn it over and shake them out.
Skull in the Flames Pyrophobia You see the echo of a skull in the mists, whispering secrets of fear and fire.
Third Eye Seer Light of the Eye, 1 XP (Will?)
Writhing Mass withered tendrils Tiny slime-drenched tentacles writhe out from the mirror. As they're exposed to the air, they shrivel and fall to the ground.
Faceless Worker
Overgrown Cubicles
Vine Confluence
sprouting seed A pattern grows over the mirror, falling from its surface in the form of (a) sprouting seed(s). (Vine confluence gives 4?, the others give 1?)
Any Snowman? (confirmed vs. Fanged Snowman and Horned Snowman) unmelting snowflakes A small flurry of snow bursts from the mirror.

See opponents testing for a full list of opponent results, including those untested.

You can spend several adventures collecting reflections, and then use it once to release them all together. This saves energy but otherwise provides the same results. Collected reflections reset at midnight.


Using this skill with enough gang warfare opponents captured (?) gives The Faceless avatar:

Blank-Faced-AvatarM.jpg Blank-Faced-AvatarF.jpg


If you use Catch Reflection with an anniversary pocket mirror equipped, you can gain double rewards and a special message when capturing opponents (see Catch Reflection for details).

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