Mirror Maze Doll



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

As you turn a corner in the maze, you hear a voice whispering "<message>"

You soon find the source of the whispers, a doll sitting amid the mirror maze, staring at you from every direction.

See whispering doll for a list of possible messages.

Summary of Choices

  1. Kill it - gain 6 XP Will or, if Etheric: fight Whispering Doll
  2. Run from it - gain 3 XP Reflexes
  3. Leave it be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Kill it

You stab the doll over and over, tearing out its stuffing as some of the other attendees look on with confusion, as though you might be part of the stage dressing yourself.

You've earned 6 XP in Will


You lunge at the doll as it rises up to meet you, its stitched mouth rising into a rictus grin.

(Fight Whispering Doll)

Run from it

You run into the maze, running until your legs burn in protest. Most of the maze is a blur, but you've left the doll far behind and ended up somewhere not entirely familiar.

You've earned 3 XP in Reflexes

Leave it be

You take a deep breath and wander back into the kaleidoscopic maze.

(Walk Away)

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