Mirror Shot


Image mirrorshot.jpg
Description A ranged attack that reflects your strengths
Chain 5
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 6
Special Reflects your strengths or merely the path before you

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Uses Notes
Without AROTPBY unlocked 6? Perc
Current impossible to determine?
With Perception AROTPBY unlocked? 12? Perc?
You match <opponent's> movement, observing <him> closely and finding the perfect opening to shoot for <X> damage.
With Reflexes AROTPBY unlocked? 12 Ref
You match <opponent's> movement, only faster, popping off several quick shots for <X> damage as he catches up.
With Strength AROTPBY unlocked? 12? Str?
You match <opponent's> movement, tighten your hand on the grip, and fire a tight burst of shots. Recoil compensation be damned, the shots deal <opponent> <X> damage.
With Will AROTPBY unlocked? 12? Will?
You match the guard's movement, waiting patiently for the perfect opening. Finally, you find it and shoot him for <X> damage.


Winning a fight with a mirror-handled pistol equipped and the AROTPBY unlocked.


The "base" form of this technique that we can see is a 6-base-damage perception-based attack, but since we can only learn this technique with one of the AROTPBYs unlocked, we can't actually use this in the "base" form.

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