Mist Shroud


Image unknownchain2.png
Chain 2
Type None
Attribute None
Special Gives Tight Hold first time, then 10 energy of Spectral Curse. Avoidable vs. Etheric or vs. Silver Bullets.
Combat Message First Time Used:
The shrouded hand swoops down and closes over you, shrouding you entirely in mists.

Further Uses:
The shrouded hand crushes tighter until it sinks into your body, chilling you to the bone.

Versus Etheric:
The shrouded hand swoops down to shroud you in mists, but the energy coursing through you holds it at bay.

Versus Silver Bullets:
The shrouded hand swoops down to shroud you in mist, but the silver bullets flash brilliantly through its form, driving it back.


NPC Only.

Used By (Opponents)

Shrouded Hand

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