Mistaken Punk



Encounter Conditions

Wearing the Midgard Security disguise.

Initial Text

A young man in extreme attire approaches you, glowering and cracking his knuckles. "Hey, ready to beat up any more protesters? Kill any babies today? Rough up kids for having neural recordings?"

He's either mistaken you for Midgard Security or is somehow very confused.

Summary of Choices

  1. Show him police brutality (evil) - Fight Punk Student
  2. Match wits - Gain 2 XP each in Strength and Will
  3. Clear up confusion - Gain 2 XP in Will
  4. Ignore him - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Show him police brutality (evil (1))

His jaw drops as you rush him. Whatever he was expecting, you actually attacking was not it.

(Fight Punk Student)

Match wits

He scowls at you, matching you step for step, trading verbal jabs and shoves. He stops far short of real violence, though.

All told, he seems like he does this a lot. He must have a pretty good grasp of Midgard Security policy to have not gotten shot already.

That aside, it's a pretty big workout.

You've earned 2 XP in Strength

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Clear up confusion

"Oh…" he pauses, staring at you.

"Really? Wow. Alright. Sorry I was hassling you."

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Ignore him

See Walk Away

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