Monitored Connection


Image connectiontunnel.jpg
Type ??

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Command + 2 Offense You carefully trim off the monitoring software, leaving the connection intact. ? Gain 2 XP
(Removes Routine)
1 C + 2 V
The monitoring software watches your command. Although it seems passive on the surface, you're sure it's reporting somewhere. ?
2 View This multi-purpose software monitors the connections coming into a certain facility. They must have some approved sites, but you're not at one of them and it looks equipped to both monitor and attempt some limited counter-hacking. ?
Defense ?
Other The connection seems unconcerned by your functions. ?

Active Responses

Every round, you also get:

[Trigger unknown]:

The monitoring software focuses on you, like countless staring faces lining the walls of the connection.

(Allows Kumachikun Development to follow your tracks and raise Alert significantly?)

And, if you have Hardening:

The monitor attempts to track you back, but is stopped after digging through <1-2?> of your system's Hardening.

Or, if your batch contained Defense but you have no Hardening(?):

The monitoring software eventually locks on through your defenses.

Or, with no Hardening:

The monitor discovers and disrupts 1-2 <function(s)>.


The monitor begins tracing the connection back to you.


Kumachikun Development

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