Moodlight Blinding


Image blindingglove.jpg
Description Sidestep attacks while your target is blinded
Chain 4
Type Stealth
Attribute Reflexes

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You hold up your hand as though commanding <opponent> to stop.
With Moodlight glove equipped 6 (R, S) (Directional Evasion)
A flare of light from your glove momentarily blinds <opponent>.
<Opponent attacks>, but <its> momentary blindness lets you avoid all but <X> / of the damage.
After an emotional Grasping Glow, emotional Agitated Glow, or crashing Emotional Glow 8 (M, R, E, S) (Directional Evasion)
The light around <opponent> becomes blinding.
<Opponent attacks>, but <its> temporary blindness lets you avoid all but <X> / of the damage.
With Moodlight glove equipped, against opponents with no/protected eyes? -
There is a brilliant flare of light from your glove, but it doesn't effect <opponent>.


After combat with the Moodlight glove equipped, sometimes? (After using Dive for Cover? May need to also have learned Emotional Grip)


Winning a fight in which you used Moodlight Blinding can give the following if you have Moodlight glove equipped:

You learned a new Technique: Emotional Glow

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