Moonlit Corpse



Encounter Conditions

Must be at the right stage of the Ship of the Damned quest
Must be Etheric

Initial Text

You hear a heavy shape moving nearby. When you stop to find the source of it, a droplet of seawater splatters on your shoulder.

Glancing up, you see a humanoid figure hunched in the moonlight on top of the crates. Its position looks precarious enough you could probably topple the crates over and get the upper hand.

Summary of Choices

  1. Charge the crates - Fight Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn), get 2? crates of stolen goods if you win
  2. Approach cautiously
    1. Give him the gourd - Free the corpse
    2. Rush him - Fight Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn)
    3. Ask about others - Learn where the other corpses are and get to pick another option
    4. Run away - Nothing?
  3. Run away - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Charge the crates

You charge into the stack of crates the form is crouched on, sending them flying everywhere. A corpse, dripping with salt water, stands among the crates.

(Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn))

Approach cautiously


You approach the figure cautiously. It remains hunched on the crates. It's a walking corpse, like the one you met near the Slags, but well-preserved enough you can tell it was male.

"You brought it… freeee me!" He gestures, reaching towards the gourd as though it's the edge of a cliff he's just fallen off of.

Ask about the others

The corpse shrugs. "All… over. Sewers… beach… lake… building. Five total."

"Now, freeeeee me."

Hand him the gourd

The corpse takes the gourd from you and tips it up like he's taking a hearty swig. He shakes the gourd impatiently and a single crackling ember falls from it onto his lips.

He sighs loudly, his voice evening out as he does, then turns and runs back into the docks. The gourd drops to the ground.

Rush him

You charge the corpse. It shrugs, unconcerned with its fate.

"I'm freeeee either… waaaaaay."

(Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn))

Run away


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