Mopping Man



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

In one of the few clear areas in the lobby, a man is mopping a curious stain on the floor. He puts on a smile, but his movements are so practiced he might not even be aware he's mopping.

Summary of Choices

  1. Lend a hand - gain 2 XP Will, or with mop equipped, gain 4 XP and reduce Lobby Alarm?
  2. Lend an ear - information in various outfits
  3. Leap at him - fight Downtown Janitor?
  4. Leave it be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Lend a hand

You help out as much as you can without a mop. It's not actually a lot, but he gives you a smile and a nod.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Or, with a mop equipped:

You spend a while relaxing and mopping the floor.

(And, with Lobby Alarm active?)
The lobby has calmed down quite a bit by the time you're done.

You've earned 4 XP in Will
(Lose an extra 20 energy of Lobby Alarm)

Lend an ear

He shakes his head and gives a wry smile. "Oh, folks just spilling their drinks. Everyone's in too much of a rush… not that I blame them, you know? Nobody's boss wants to hear how you're a minute late because you didn't want to spill your latte."

Or, dressed as a janitor?:

He shakes his head and gives a wry smile. "Way I figure it, someone spills a latte… sugary drink, but they usually come from Lattes! down the street. The floor gets sticky and throws people's stride off, so they all drop their drinks too."

"At least, that's the only way I can figure why I'm always stuck here."


"Oh, you know me," he forces a smile. "Every day's a good day."

Leap at him

"Gah!" he screams as you approach. "What the fuck?"

You've gained 10 duration of Lobby Alarm.

(Fight Downtown Janitor)

If he runs away:

The janitor escapes from the fight, shouting in alarm.

Leave it be

He stays focused on his mopping, despite the bustle around him.

(Walk Away)

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