A bonus applied to your highest power, increasing the effectiveness of techniques of that type. If you have multiple powers tied for highest, it increases all of them. The only bonuses that are affected are:

Other Power bonuses (such as When Unopposed or Power to Techniques using <stat>) are not affected). If all your power bonuses are zero or negative, morale does not do anything.

Bonuses from Use X Instead Of Y If X Is Higher or Apply Part Of X To Y are applied before?/after? morale bonuses. - NEEDS SPADING!

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Morale Modifiers

+3 festive knit hat w/Winter Spirits
+2 emerald pimp hat, stainless skulls helmet w/music from the Midgard player playing, wreath of laurels
+1 asymmetric masquerade mask, charred pimp hat, costume police cap, honorary hardhat, hunter costume hat, official Midgard Security cap, snowy Santa cap, solar mask, survivors' origami crown
+4 mislit rusted sword
+2 Barsukov Sidearm, ceremonial sledge, gleaming fang, gnawed hammer, shiny crowbar, sparkling glass claws
+1 commemorative bone, novelty axe, Silver Tower switchblade
Offhand Items
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with Morale Weapon), glimmering blob, spun lattice
+1 art museum ribbon, bat paperweight, battered badge, ceremonial firework, clay pumpkin ribbon, clean pumpkin ribbon, collected candle, commemorative laser, corroded digging arm, crumbling firework, cybernetic fundraising ribbon, decorative pumpkin, detached key charm, doused firework, dozenth firework, dual laser, fanmod Idoru, firework globe, handheld core, labeled firework, lapel pumpkin, limited edition Idoru, halloween lei, honorary catering tray, Metroplex Day book, mascot adapter, New Year's blowout, pep ribbon, plush arachnid, princess bloom, reexploded firework, resetter's ribbon, retro fundraising ribbon, returned hound plush, saturated firework, scarfed llama, sculpted glass virus, Silver fundraising ribbon, skeletal hand, smoked firework, snow globe, soaked firework, spidery ribbon, sputtering firework, stuffed llama, survivors' origami crane, titled firework, toy Vigilante pistol, translucent pumpkin ribbon, waterlogged firework
+2 decorated punk jacket
+1 heroic toga, torn anarchy shirt
+1 hungry ooze pants w/Ooze Symbiosis
+2 cute eyepatch, dorm security badge, honorary Omega pin
+1 battered badge, gold Midgard Player, monitored Midgard Player, party security badge
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& processor cost)
+1 eternal martini (1,3), viral eavesdropper (3)
+4 Achromatic Glow
+2 Center Stage, Cheerful Candle, Death Averted, Unstoppable Signal
+1 Virtual Drunk
+4 Vassal of the Seas (underwater)
+2 Vassal of the Seas (on the shore)
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