Mountainous Candy Bowl



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

There are tables with buried in candy and wrappers throughout the cubicle maze. This one still has a favorable candy to wrapper ratio… and potentially a bowl somewhere under the mountain of candy.

Summary of Choices

  1. Take a few - Gain candy and 15 Halloween Spirit
  2. Take the bowl - Gain Midgard candy bowl
  3. Distribute some - Gain 8 XP in Will
  4. Turn down candy - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Take a few

You grab a handful of candy from the mound, making sure there's enough left for everyone.

You found: 4-5? of mellow pumpkin, peanut butter candy, pumpkin lollipop, candy corn, candy eyeball, ?

You've gained 15 duration of Halloween Spirit.

Take the bowl

You doublecheck to make sure nobody's going to challenge you, then snag the entire bowl. Hah! All yours!

You found: Midgard candy bowl

Distribute some

You grab a handful of candy and wander into the crowd, dropping treats into pumpkin buckets as you go. It's surprisingly satisfying, even though there's plenty of candy around.

You've earned 8 XP in Will

Turn down candy

You feel a little weird turning down candy on Halloween of all days, but you move on without touching the bowl.

(Lose all energy of Halloween Spirit)

See Walk Away

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