Mouth Of Fire


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Description You're firmly rooted in your body through a combination of sensations spread unpleasantly through your mouth and down through your digestive tract.
Hidden Flags Phoenix Spice effects
Effects +2 Etheric Defense
-2 Etheric Power
-2 Reflexes
-2 Strength


Eating phoenix chili. (20 Duration, 3 Hunger)
Eating phoenix eggroll. (10 Duration, 2 Hunger)
Eating phoenix sauce. (20 Duration, 1 Hunger)
Eating phoenix sub. (10 Duration, 4 Hunger)
Eating phoenix teriyaki. (30 Duration, 7 Hunger)
Eating phoenix wing. (10 Duration, 1 Hunger)
Eating spicy bat wing. (10 Duration, 1 Hunger)
Eating spicy noodles. (10 Duration, 3 Hunger)

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