Muffled Sight


Image Blindfold25.jpg
Description Your world is off-kilter, filled with hazy hallucinations, but you're acutely aware of what is real and what intrudes on your peace.
Hidden Flags Etheric Effect, Ingestion Effect, Sight Effect
Effects +4 Etheric Defense
-4 Etheric Power


From using a hefty capsule. (15 Energy + 3 x Eclipse duration + transform other etheric effects)


Counts as etheric for the purposes of unlocking encounters.
Replaces all etheric gains (that power etheric techniques?) with more Muffled Sight instead
With the Legion's Eyes skill, every point of Fire Power increases this effect's Etheric Defense by 1 and decreases Etheric Power by 1.

Removed by

See Etheric Effects, Ingestion Effects, Sight Effects.

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