Mushroom Ally


Image shroom1.jpg
Description You're being assisted by a strange mushroom creature. Your enemies don't seem to see it, leaving you to take the brunt of their attacks.

On the bright side, its spear strikes still seem real enough.
Hidden Flags Removed at end of combat


Leading the Mushroom Charge. (1 energy)


Every round of combat, the following is added at the end, targeting a random opponent (seems to choose opponents that you're not attacking if possible?):

Your strange ally stabs <opponent> for 16-30? damage. He shouts in surprise and pain, unable to tell where the attack came from.

Or, if he deals the killing blow:

Your strange ally stabs <opponent> for 16-30? damage, bringing him down.

Or, if everyone is dead:

Your strange ally stands back to admire your handywork.

You still get the normal amount of XP from the battle, even if the mushroom guy does all the killing.

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