Mushroom Cavern

For narrative speculation on this location, see Historia Aetherium: Fae.


This area is reached from the Meeting The Fish People encounter in Lake Metroplex (north) if taking the Ocean Eyes-route.
If taking the Fae Eyes-route, you can reach it from the Dancing Fae encounter in the Dockside Sewers.
It can also be reached from the Call Of The Chasm encounter in Lake Metroplex (North), with Draught of Breath active.

This area is underground, in caverns, indoors.


You find a dark corner of the cavern and sit down to rest. It's actually fairly pleasant.

or with REM timer properly running:

You curl up in a darker corner of the cavern, then flip on the REM timer. You dream of wandering through a cavern filled with glowing mushrooms and wings of light.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

       Opponents        Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg With the solid roof over your head, you could almost forget to look up. Unfortunately, the giant mushrooms and rough ledges seem to hold predators… loping, crystalline predators.
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x2 The rough cavern is filled with a variety of strange sounds, the sorts you'd associate with a nature show on TV or the settling of an old building. The creaks and groans echo everywhere.

But below that, just a hair away from absolute silence, you can hear a faint clicking like a few old clocks. The first few times you look behind yourself, you don't see the massive crystalline hounds.

Perhaps they weren't there.
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg x4 You feel a presence watching you, pushing down on you, long before you could hear the echoing howls. But the howls came and soon you could see their source, spine-covered things shaped like hounds racing towards you.

You have a moment to wonder what you did to make them think you're prey before they come into range. Of course, it's always possible they just don't like you.
Only with Spore Cloud active
Eclipse.jpg Mushroom-Warrior.jpg One of the mushroom creatures steps into your path and brandishes a hooked spear. Well, it doesn't seem peaceful by any means, but it's going out of its way to make sure you're not surprised. After killing the Ancient Shroom
Other conditions?

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Eclipse.jpg Distant Fae 10 energy of Fae Blessing or 25 energy of Fae Blessing
coffee.jpg Reality Closing In Go back to the Sewers

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Eclipse.jpg Fae Follower
  1. Dance along - (Morality 0) Gain 25 energy of Fae Blessing
  2. Watch instead - (Morality 0) Get 4 XP in Perception
  3. Capture it (Only with a sloshing urn in inventory) - (Evil 2) Get Ringing Urn
  4. Turn your back - (Morality 0) Lose all Fae Blessing, walk away

Eclipse.jpg Fae Acrobatics - Only with at least 40-45? energy of Fae Blessing
  1. Watch carefully - (Morality 0) Get 5 XP in Perception, unlock cave option in cavern grove
  2. Dance among them - (Morality 0) Get XP in Reflexes, proportional to the turns of Fae Blessing you have, lose all Fae Blessing
  3. Wait patiently - (Morality 0) Gain 20-26 HP
  4. Trap the slowest (Only with a sloshing urn in inventory) - Get Ringing Urn (with Fae Blessing) or nothing (otherwise)
  5. Turn away - (Morality 0) Get 4 XP in Will

Eclipse.jpg Cavern Grove
  1. Harvest some - (Morality 0) Gain some of edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool, fragile puffball, rocky spores, tiny blue toadstool, tiny brown toadstool, tiny green toadstool, tiny red toadstool, twin mushrooms
  2. Lay down to rest - (Morality 0) Gain 30-40 HP
  3. Investigate the pool (after learning of it) - (Morality 0) Enter Lake Metroplex (North) if you have Draught of Breath
  4. Head for the cave (after watching Fae Acrobatics) - leads to King of the Fae
  5. Leave this place - (Morality 0) Walk away

       King of the Fae - Accessible via the Cavern Grove encounter above

  1. Trap the light (Evil 1) - Gain ringing urn, lose sloshing urn
  2. Give it the royal orb (with royal orb in inventory) - Learn Subterranean Rhythm
  3. Ask David's question - Gain draught of breath item and recipe, learn about pool in the Cavern Grove, various quest progress
  4. Stay to chat - (Morality 0) Information
  5. Leave - (Morality 0) Gain 4 XP in Reflexes and Will

Eclipse.jpg Unaware Mushroom - after killing 3(?) mushroom warriors
  1. Charge it - (Evil 2) fight Mushroom Harvester
  2. Trail it - (Morality 0) unlocks Unaware Mushroom
  3. Leave it - (Morality 0) Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Mushroom Servant - unknown conditions after Apr 2022 update
  1. Strike up conversation - (Morality 0) after choosing to pitch in, unlocks Ancient Shroom
  2. Pitch in - (Good 1) Information; gain some of edible mushroom, fragile puffball, large mushroom, red toadstool; or mushroom spade
  3. Offer a protein bar (after trading with the mushroom scout) - (Morality 0) Gain ? of edible mushroom, fragile puffball, red toadstool, tiny red toadstool, tiny blue toadstool, tiny green toadstool, tiny brown toadstool, large mushroom
  4. Begin the slaughter - (Evil 2) Fight Mushroom Harvester
  5. Ignore it - (Morality 0) Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Ancient Shroom - Only after pitching in and then talking to the Mushroom Servant, or trailing the Unaware Mushroom
  1. Ask for surrender (After talking with King of the Fae):
    1. Take the opening - Kill it
    2. Look for another way - Starts quest to destroy toys
    3. Ask what it means - Information
      1. Kill it - Kill it
      2. Find another way - Starts quest to destroy toys
      3. Back down - Gain 4 XP in Will
    4. Back down - Gain 4 XP in Will
  2. Ask David's question - (Morality 0) Progress in quest after helping
  3. Check your progress (After agreeing to help) - (Morality 0) Information, possibly gain 4 XP in Will
  4. Ask to help (Good 2) - Starts quest to destroy toys
  5. Ask about here - (Morality 0) Information
  6. Nod and leave - (Morality 0) Walk away


An update April 29th, 2022 changed some flag tracking, adding the Mushroom Warrior combat and Unaware Mushroom.

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