Mushroom Charge



Encounter Conditions

Only if etheric
Only after trading with the Mushroom Guide

Initial Text

You see the mushroom creature from before or perhaps a different one assuming they don't all look the same. It's picked up its spear and is using it to gesture towards a cluster of Fangs nearby.

It seems to be waiting for you to make the first move.

Summary of Choices

  1. Lead the attack - Gain 1 turn of Mushroom Ally, fight Dockside Ganger|Dockside Gangers]]] and 2 Gang Enforcers
  2. Turn on it (evil) - fight Mushroom Scout
  3. Back out - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Lead the attack

Your ally moves ahead and stops several times, remaining close to you. When you reach the gangers, it blithely walks between them and they continue their conversation, ignorant of its presence.

Unfortunately, that means they're focusing all of their attention on you.

You've gained 1 energy of Mushroom Ally.

(Fight 2 Dockside Gangers and 2 Gang Enforcers)

Turn on it (evil (1))

You leap to the offensive. The strange creature stumbles back, then grabs a spear to defend itself.

(Fight a Mushroom Scout)

Back out

See Walk Away

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