Mushroom Guide



Encounter Conditions

Only while Etheric

Initial Text

You see a faint movement, then the shadows near you resolve into a creature that looks like it walked out of a thousand drug-hallucinations. Aside from its limbs and glassy eyes, it looks like a giant mushroom, almost as tall as you are.

It's gesturing with one of its simple hands towards deeper in the hideout. It doesn't seem to be at all hostile, but who can really say?

Summary of Choices

  1. Follow its lead - unlocks Security Hole next encounter
  2. Try to trade - nothing, or, with a protein bar in your inventory:
    1. Trade for the mushrooms - gain ?-4-? of red toadstool, large mushroom, (probably edible mushroom)
    2. Trade for the spear - gain fungus spear
    3. Trade for help - unlocks Mushroom Charge next encounter
    4. Keep your protein bar - walk away
  3. Attack it - fight Mushroom Scout
  4. Block it out - gain 3 XP Will

Choice Text and Results

Follow its lead

You follow the strange creature and it points you towards a gap in the Fangs' patrols. It won't be around for long, but you might be able to slip through if you act quickly.

(Find a hole in Fangs security for next security-hole encounter?)

Try to trade

He looks over your possessions. You guess he didn't find anything he was interested in because he abruptly wandered off.

Or, with a protein bar in inventory:

The figure looks over your possessions and taps on a protein bar you're carrying. He then holds out a fistful of mushrooms in one hand and gestures at a strange white spear with the other.

Trade for mushrooms

The strange creature nods its massive cap and gives you a fistful of mushrooms in exchange for the protein bar. It doesn't have a mouth to smile or even really eyes to glitter, but the gills of its cap ripple in what you assume is happiness.

You found: 4 of red toadstools, large mushrooms

Trade for the spear

He seems to consider your offer carefully, then hands you his spear in exchange. He nods his gigantic cap and melts into the cave wall.

Which strikes you as a little strange. Unlike the giant mushroom guy you just traded a protein bar to.

You found: fungus spear

Trade for help

You ask for the strange creature's help. It tips its cap at you a couple of times, as though it's nodding, then heads back into the shadows.

Well that was a little confusing, but it does seem like it understood you. And it took your protein bar, so hopefully it intends to keep its end of the bargain… whatever it thought that was.

(Unlocks Mushroom Charge choice encounter)

Keep your protein bar

Walk away

Attack it (Evil 1)

You leap to the offensive. The strange creature stumbles back, then grabs a spear to defend itself.

(Fight a Mushroom Scout)

Block it out

You steadfastly ignore the hallucination and go about your business.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

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