Mushroom Man



Encounter Conditions

Under some conditions, this doesn't show up (possibly killing any mushrooms this run?) - see discussion and also Waddling Shape discussion

Initial Text

In a dark corner of the sewers, you find a giant mushroom. That seems to have arms and legs. And eyes, that are watching you.

Okay that's a little strange, but he seems to want something.

Summary of Choices

  1. Follow him - Get crate of Eclipse, first time per day; subsequently gain 2 of: edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool
  2. Offer him trade - (if you have no protein bars): Nothing
    1. Trade for the mushrooms - 4-6 mushrooms from a variety of: edible mushrooms, large mushrooms, red toadstools and lose a protein bar
    2. Trade for the spear - Get fungus spear, lose protein bar
    3. Keep your protein bar - Nothing
  3. Kill him - Fight mushroom scout
  4. Wander away - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Follow him

You follow him as he marches silently through the sewers, deep into the depths. He shows you a crate of Eclipse, hidden in a deep cranny.

He seems to want you to take it.

You found: crate of Eclipse

Or, second time per day

He leads you into the depths of the sewers and shows you a small field of mushrooms. The strange creature silently grabs one with each hand and gives them to you.

You found: 2 of: edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool

Offer him trade

(if you have no protein bars)

He looks over your possessions. You guess he didn't find anything he was interested in because he abruptly wandered off.

(if you have at least one protein bar)

The figure looks over your possessions and taps on a protein bar you're carrying. He then holds out a fistful of mushrooms in one hand and gestures at a strange white spear with the other.

Trade for the mushrooms

The strange creature nods its massive cap and gives you a fistful of mushrooms in exchange for the protein bar. It doesn't have a mouth to smile or even really eyes to glitter, but the gills of its cap ripple in what you assume is happiness.
You found: 4-6 of: edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool

Trade for the spear

He seems to consider your offer carefully, then hands you his spear in exchange. He nods his gigantic cap and melts into the cave wall.

Which strikes you as a little strange. Unlike the giant mushroom guy you just traded a protein bar to.

You found: fungus spear

Keep your protein bar

Walk away

Kill him

You leap to the offensive. The strange creature stumbles back, then grabs a spear to defend itself.

(Fight Mushroom Scout)

Wander away

Walk Away

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