Mushroom Picking



Encounter Conditions

Having planted some mushrooms in the Mushroom Grove
and waited at least? one day


You find your way back to the mushrooms you planted and pick all the ones that seem interesting.

You found: lots of mushrooms


Gain 2 of: edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool.
For each handful of spores of any kind planted yesterday, gain an additional 2 of the above.
For each handful of white spores planted yesterday, also Gain 2 of: shaman staff, delicious puffball, giant puffball
For each handful of red spores planted yesterday, also Gain 2 of: warty toadstools, black spores, destroying angel
For each handful of sparkling spores planted yesterday, also Gain 2 of: bitter toadstool, bone flakes, crawling slime mold, heavy puffball, grave mushrooms
For each handful of cracked spores planted yesterday, also Gain 2 of: tiny blue toadstool, tiny brown toadstool, tiny green toadstool, tiny red toadstool, fragile puffball

NOTE: Destroying angels seem to be rarer than the other two. In one massive planting spree, I got 7 handfuls of spores, 8 toadstools, and only 3 angels (plus 6 each of the basic kind). This matches with my observations across multiple plantings.
NOTE: It is also possible to see a dancing faerie. I saw this once, upon inspection, with Ocean Sight, and got destroying angel, 3 red toadstools, large mushroom

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