Mushroom Warrior


Image Mushroom-Warrior.jpg
Combat Name The warrior
HP 75
Gender Neutral
Stats Perception: 2
Reflexes: 5
Strength: 10
Will: 8
Power Melee: 8
Ranged: 8
Evasion: 4
Unopposed: 4
Defense Melee: 4
Ranged: 4
Fire: -4
Etheric: 6
Stealth: 4
Reactive: 2
Awards 6 XP
You found: hooked spear (sometimes)
You found: 1(?) of: tiny blue toadstool, tiny brown toadstool, tiny green toadstool, tiny red toadstool, edible mushroom, fragile puffball, large mushroom (sometimes)


Mushroom Cavern
Parking Garage


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Body Crush 2 12 Melee (opposed)
'' 16* Melee (unopposed)
Gives 5 turns of Spore Cloud
Crushing Punch 3 13 Melee
Parry 3 19 Evasion (M)
Hooked Capture 3 20 Melee 4 Restrain
Spore Cloud 4 10 Evasion (R) (normal) Gives 5 turns of Spore Cloud
'' 10 Evasion (R) (if air filter equipped)
Speargun w/spear 5 14 Ranged
This opponent has +4 Power to all techniques when Unopposed.

* Body Crush deals 20 base damage with the unopposed bonus.


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the warrior's flesh, regaining x Energy.

(And if under Fae sight:)
Mmmmmmm. Reminds you of wandering through sunless caverns. (gain +1 energy)
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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