Myers Sampling Kit


Image ProteinSequencer.jpg
Description A complex gadget fitted with a wide variety of syringes, electronic sensors, and sample dishes. As far as you know, it's intended for collecting organic samples.
Type Gadgets (Quest)


Get it talking to Dr. Myers

Unstated Effects

Adds special drops to certain 'monstery' opponents, as follows:

Special Item Opponent(s)
albino crocodile hide albino crocodile
bat wing bat thing
crystal spike or hound crystal twisted hound
ectoplasmic sample aristocratic specter, burning specter, dark specter, dazzling cloud, ghostly hand, grasping hand1, quad psycho, skull in the flames, shrouded hand1, spectral damsel1, spectral patient, spectral sailor, Tattered Specter
flask of tears flying eye
ghoul teeth (or ghoulish sinew1?) chained ghoul, ghoul, ghoul king
jagged hawk talon storm hawk
kraken ink kraken
lake serpent sample lake serpent, terrible serpent
larval acid giant maggot
mite carapace Crawling Mite
mutant cell sample sewer mutant, subway dweller
octopus ink Ruins Octopus (if you're Ink Covered)
owl's mask masked owl
petrol sludge living sludge
raven's eyes twisted raven
scientist's claw1 Dr. Johnson
serpent venom gland terrible serpent, after protein hijacking
shark stomach contents2 foreign shark
smoking cinders fireworks serpent
spider eggs or spider venom sample organic opponents you've filled with the swarm
spider venom sample horrific spider
stone heart black stone beast
unmelting snowflakes evil snowman, fanged snowman, horned snowman, staring snowman, towering snowman1
wriggling worm Cornered Rat

1Requires confirmation that drop exists and is sampling kit only, and/or requires spading for additional conditions.
22-3 of: ancient gold coins, mauled fishing hook, rebreather mask, scorched glass shards, silverware remnants, waterlogged PDA, wetsuit fabric, wetsuit pants, wetsuit top; OR 4-5 shark teeth

Opponents to try it on:
Mushroom Man in Dockside Sewers


Adds special drops from certain opponents

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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