Mysteries Of The Metroplex

This page lists aspects of the game that are not yet fully understood, or at least fully understood by people who wish to share their understanding publicly. It's probably most productive to post your theories, speculation, and data on the individual discussion page(s) for the mysteries in question and leave this page as a reference for people looking for something to investigate.

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As of April 2020, there are 11 undiscovered earthly skills and 2 undiscovered skills tied to unearthly items. (Additionally, the Firetamer skill is known but nobody has ever gotten it in a non-bugged way.) Some of these skills were added very recently, so they may not be available yet.

Major Content

  • According to Podcast 53, there is some unfound content relating to holograms.
  • What is the undiscovered content in The Missing Artist/The Black Sketchbook quest?
    • According to Podcast 28, there are still two things hidden in the sketchbook. One "insanely hidden" the other " a little bit tricky". Kinak confirms that Fire Dancer was the "a little bit tricky" secret.
      • According to Podcast 31 "There is some non-charnel house stuff (actually a fairly significant amount) to get the really terrifyingly complicated thing."
    • What can you do with the ghoulish crown?
    • Searching for sketches following the Ghoulish Trio looks like it ought to unlock something. Does it?
    • According to Podcast 36 "there's something missing you can do in both" the fiery lake in the original charnel house and the reopened one. What is it?
    • Is there some way to get memories from eating a raw heart?
  • Having the preserved cell culture equipped with the Writhing Flesh effect active gives a different message depending on with Attribute is your highest one. Is there some way to use this to transform the culture into another item, or to gain a skill?
  • It takes a very specific chain of choices to unlock the Squatter's Refuge, but even if you go out of your way to do it, there doesn't seem to be any real payoff for doing so. Is there a skill and/or an alternate resolution to the Problems on the Docks quest lurking here somewhere?
  • Argeth says there's a way to get a grinning ghoul combat in the Midgard Warehouse, possibly by removing the Spider Drone encounter somehow. How do you unlock this combat and does it have any further significance?
  • Does the odd sketchbook unlock anything special?
  • There's a hard-to-get result about philosophy from the Post Archive (University Net) about testing the nature of consciousness with cyberware that looks like it ought to do or unlock something interesting. Does it?
  • The foreign memory looks like it ought to do more than just give you a few XP. Is there more?
  • What does the Strange Song that the Deep Hunter sings do?


  • According to Podcast 52 there's a way to make a broad set of techniques smoky, and also a puzzle in the Intertwined Serpents fight that would allow them to be beaten without known smoky techniques.
  • There are apparently several unfound techniques in The Charnel House (Reopened). How do you get them?
  • According to Podcast 53, there is exactly one unfound technique that gets a bonus as filler. It's related to an unearthly item.


  • How do we influence which kinds of shipping drones we encounter (besides the filters)
  • How do we influence what kinds of sites we encounter in the university net?
  • Podcast 39: " I think that the way that the drones work makes a lot of sense. But I also think that the way that the sites work on campus makes a lot of sense but those have not been figured out at all."
  • Reactive Defense was made to work with non-combat encounters around 8 Sep 2018; it is entirely unknown how this works.

Unearthly Items

According to Podcast 53, the classic writing desk and the Midgard player are the two unearthly items with the greatest amount of unfound content.

When Kinak has explicitly talked about unfound content associated with an unearthly item, those hints appear in a "Remaining Mysteries" section at the end of the main item page. In some cases, items were the subject of podcast hints and then later had more associated content discovered, but it is unclear whether the new discoveries corresponded to the hinted-at material. For a fair number of other unearthly items, Kinak has simply never commented one way or another about how many mysteries (if any) remain with them.

Avatars, Conducts, etc.

Unfound avatars that are confirmed to exist:

  • Cyborg
  • Wolfman

Confirmed not to exist, at least for now:

From Podcast 35:

Q: A week of pvp with the wolfbelt hasn't given any avatars, including infecting a bunch of people and doing a full moon cycle in pvp. Any hints there?

A: … You're not on a bad track, you just sort of might need some persistence, or some focus and persistence. It's a pretty conniving one. It would be difficult to get by accident. I don't believe it specifically requires pvp.

From Podcast 37:

Q: In the previous podcast you mentioned that a "Wolfman" avatar was available. Naturally, we scrambled to find it and failed. Perhaps you can tell me which one of the following methods was closest to correct (while still being wrong, because I did not get the avatar… ) I did the following things:
-Used Call-of-the-moon following each of the Moon tides in a single combat (huge pain in the butt)
-Used Call-of-the-moon following each of the Moon tides in order from 0 (skin-of-the-wolf) to 4 (full-moon-tide) in sequential combats (not necessarily the very next combat each time, but not using that combination of skills (5/6) in any combat unless it fit the squence)
-doing both of the above DURING an actual Full moon (On friday the 13th no less, June 13th 2014) (Kinak: that is totally sweet. I don't have any way to check the moon phases in Metroplexity but totally should.)
-wearing a ton of "wolf-like" gear and winning combats
-Completing a full Moon Tide Cycle back to 0 in a single combat.
-Having one of each of the Moon Tide Cycle in the action list in a single round (yes…1, 2, 3, 4 moon tide phases and a 5th item, which happened to be Call of the Moon. Agony but I did it once or twice.)

So, yes… which of these is closest to correct, or are they all so far away from correct that I should wipe the whiteboard and start from scratch?

A: Probably probably completing a full moon tide cycle in a single combat… but none are particularly close.

Old Mysteries

The hidden section below has been largely untouched since 2014. Click on it … if you dare.

Mealtime, Medicinal, Multiuse, and other Miscellaneous Message Mysteries

Many pages are tagged as needs_[whatever]. If you have hunger, body, or several of the appropriate items to spare, you can help to complete these wiki entries.

Methodology for Mystery Mavens

  • Pay attention to line breaks
  • Pay attention to combat messages
    • Read carefully, sometimes only a single word will change
  • Pay attention to when things don't happen
  • Try things both with and without Etheric
  • Don't write off seemingly sub-optimal equipment or techniques
  • Look for gaps in the lists by ID
  • When looking for gaps, note that all items associated with a given update are often roughly adjacent. Look for missing items in the same quest as the nearest found items.
  • Share your data
  • If you're really hardcore, keep a log
  • Consider how PvP might interact with the rest of the game
  • Watch out for "jealous" items and zones (where unequipping/leaving them resets hidden counters)
  • Check the "Bonuses" tab from your character screen for hidden effects that aren't reflected item/effect descriptions
  • Remember that your character cannot read the wiki, but rather learns by the school of hard knocks. Going straight for the big payoff instead of "wasting" energy on seemingly-useless encounters and options often makes you miss key unlocks.
  • Items retrieved from beta resets do not always count the same as the finding the item first hand. (See Lotus Map for an example)
  • Try drinking an orange juice sample the day before you test things (and remember that you did it!) just in case
  • Try running away or losing to opponents on purpose
  • Be evil and depraved. Many people tend to take the "good" path when confronted with choice encounters.
  • If an item can be multiused, try using more than two at once.
  • Listen to Kinak's podcast or look through the transcripts for clues
  • If all else fails, try to cadge a hint from Kinak
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