Mysterious Puzzle Rod


Image Puzzle-Rod25.jpg
Description Whoever made this black metal prism definitely knew what they were doing. Its surface doesn't show any sign of wear and the pieces offer an incredible amount of resistance before they slide, without showing any sign of bending or buckling. Just holding it makes you feel like some ancient god-king, ready to crush those who oppose you.
Type Gadget (No Trade) (Usable)
Effects +2 Melee Power
Moderately Increased Chance of Strength XP


Manipulating a mysterious puzzle box, mysterious puzzle pyramid, or mysterious puzzle tablet


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.


Secrets of the Cube grants an additional +3 melee power when this item is equipped, for a total of +5.

See Short & Sweet Mysterious Puzzle Guide for an abbreviated guide on how to use the puzzle box in all its forms, or see mysterious puzzle for (potentially out of date) detailed analysis and ongoing spading.

Using the puzzle rod give the following options:

  1. Turn the left side - Random choice from below
  2. Twist around the axis - Random choice from below
  3. Work on the right edge - Random choice from below
  4. Pull at another crease - Random choice from below
  5. Fold in the middle - Random choice from below
  6. Search for a latch - Random choice from below
  7. Pull apart the segments - Gain Black Metal Strength (10 energy) if unlocked from tablet form
  8. Leave it be - Nothing

Or, if under puzzle sight, the following options are available:

  1. Fold it into a cube - Turns into Mysterious Puzzle Box
  2. Fan it into a Pyramid - Turns into Mysterious Puzzle Pyramid
  3. Unroll it into a Tablet - Turns into Mysterious Puzzle Tablet
  4. Wind the Bells - Unlocks five more uses of Music of the Cube in box form
  5. Activate the Grinder - Grinds Powder in the Powder Pouring chamber
  6. Separate the segments - Gain Black Metal Strength (10 energy) if unlocked from tablet form
  7. Leave it for now - Nothing

Randomly chosen from the following:

Do Nothing (?)

You twist at the puzzle as hard as you can, but can't force it to change into anything other than it's present shape. Eventually your muscles and your brain both give up. Best to try again later, probably.

Fold it into a cube

You wrench at the rod as hard as you can. After a bit of effort, it collapses back into its original shape. Neat.

You found: Mysterious Puzzle Box

Fan it into a Pyramid

After a bit of effort, you find a gem hidden among the many moving pieces. From there, it's easy to fold it out into the rest of the pyramid.

You found: Mysterious Puzzle Pyramid

Unroll it into a Tablet

There's a soft click and a seam at the side splits open, letting you roll the prism out into a strange tablet.

You found: Mysterious Puzzle Tablet

Wind the Bells

(First use)

You hear a clink from somewhere within the rod. You hope you didn't break anything, but the rest of the mechanism seems to be okay.

(Adds five uses of box buff)

(Subsequent uses)

Interesting… the harder you pull here, the more metallic tinks you can hear. It's almost like tiny bells or gears rubbing against each other.

(Adds five uses of box buff)

(If wound 5 or more(?) times)

You twist and turn the rod, but it doesn't seem intent on making any more sound. Maybe you didn't break anything after all.

Grinds Powder Pouring Chamber

(If Powder Pouring chamber empty)

The rod moves surprisingly smoothly. You can hear gears grinding against each other, but nothing seems to happen.

(If Powder Pouring chamber full)

You can hear a loud grinding noise as you twist the puzzle. Maybe something's happening to the powder you put in there.

Pull apart the segments (rod buff)

You faintly remember a crackle of energy, then wake up a few minutes later feeling energetic but… different.

You gain: Black Metal Strength (10 energy)

Or, if Rod is running out of charges

You haul on the puzzle with all your might. For a second before you black out, you think you can hear tendons ripping.

When you come to, you feel better rather than worse. Either way, you're pretty sure that was more difficult than last time.

You gain: Black Metal Strength (10 energy)

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