Needler Weapon

Needlers are a ranged weapon.

List of Needlers

Item RP SP Other Bonuses
antique needler 7 3
close combat needler 8 +8 Melee Power
Slightly Increases Chance of PvP Encounters
focused needler 8 6
KZR needler 7 Moderately Increases Chance of PvP Encounters
Midgard safety needler* 5 5
needler rifle 7 3
optical needler 7 5 Sight Link: 1
quivering needler 10 +4 Etheric Power
+4 Power when your target doesn't have a Technique
retrofitted needler 10 5


Enhances the following techniques:

Used by (opponents)

Items marked with * have or use special "safety" tumbling needle results.

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