Nervous Frat Boy



Encounter Conditions

Appeared on October 9th, 2010, goes away after choosing 'Watch him'?

Initial Text

A student, looking a bit out of place in a t-shirt in the VIP Room, hovers near the edge of the room. The sides of his mouth turn up in a grin, but his eyes dart around nervously.

He seems to be avoiding conversation, but it'll be easy to get over to him. The t-shirt he's wearing has a giant omega on it, which probably marks him as a member of one of the frats on campus.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk about Halloween - something happens
  2. Converse about frats - something happens
  3. Approach him about Midgard - After bringing up Emily
  4. Ask about Utgard - After scanning hidden files on the Halloween server and asking about Midgard
  5. Bring up Emily - after beating Arthur J in a chess match and asking about the frat boy
  6. Ask him about Grandad - After bringing up Emily
  7. Watch him - something happens
  8. Leave him - something happens

Choice Text and Results

Talk about Halloween

He gives you a pained expression, then screws the lid off a pill bottle and washes a handful of pills down with a swig of Metros Light.

Although it's amazing anyone can drink that stuff, it doesn't really answer your question.

Or, after talking to him about Emily?

He shakes his head and gives you a pained expression. "I'm all one for a good party, but that was not one."

"Midgard medics with those big crazy suits drop by our house the next day and you know what they found in me? Silver freaking bullets!" He pulls a small lump of silver out of his pocket, as if to demonstrate the point.

"Seriously, you go to a Halloween party dressed up as a werewolf, you expect to dry clean your werewolf costume, not get shot with silver bullets. What the hell is up with these…" he pauses, looking around and leans a bit closer.

"What the hell is up with these Eclipse freaks?"

Or after giving him the halloween idea

He nods excitedly. "Yeah, we might be able to salvage this yet. It'll take a while for me to make the arrangements, but I'll try to keep you posted."

Converse about frats

He grunts at you noncommittally. You wait a while, but it seems like that's all you're going to get.

With the Pledge hat equipped

He looks at your hat and flashes a legitimate smile, then clasps your hand in a strange grip. He frowns warily when you don't return it.

Approach him about Midgard (After bringing up Emily)

"Midgard…" he nods slowly, as though processing something.

He begins in a strange tone, like he's preparing you for bad news. "Well, they literally pulled our asses out of the fire. Literally literally in Emily's case. Just figuratively literally in mine."

"But well they had us in that lab… I dunno… I always felt like they were glad we were there. Like maybe they could have fixed us up before, but wanted to keep us there for a while."

He shakes his head and takes a handful of pills, washed down with Metros Light.

(After asking about Utgard)

He frowns deeply. "Yeah, Midgard… I don't think I can trust them anymore. I mean, my mom and dad work for them… Grandad works for them… but they're up to something with this Halloween thing."

"I want to know why the same people who kept us for treatment all year are funding the same damned thing happening again. Well, fuck 'em. I'm not going to stand for it."

He gives a sad sigh, a show of weakness you imagine he doesn't grant himself very often. "But, I can't outspend them. And I certainly can't fight them. I've only really got one skill that I could… huh… that's actually a pretty good idea."

His face snaps into a real smile. "Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off of you! I think we might be able to salvage this thing yet!"

Bring up Emily

He peers at you for a moment. "Yeah, Emily, damn. She's a real piece of work… my grandad would have said," he falls into a folksy accent, "that one, she's a trooper."

He pauses for a moment to chuckle softly.

"There were a couple groups when we went into the hospital. A bunch of people got released almost right away. Emily and… I? Myself? Whatever… we and maybe a dozen other people got sent for further treatment at this lab. Real cutting edge stuff."

"I can't say I much liked her before, but she really kept her shit together. Not sure why she's helping arrange this party, though… it has 'bad idea' written all over it."

Ask about Utgard

"Utgard?" he pauses for a long while, as though appraising you.

"Yeah, that certainly as hell sounds familiar." He pulls out a strip of plastic, like the bracelets people who can afford hospitals get while they're there.

There's a bar code and blocky letters reading "U15" printed on it. He grimaces a bit. "The 'U' apparently stands for Utgard. It's the name of the… I dunno, project or lab or whatever everyone was at. Emily was 3."

"Man… what the hell is Midgard up to?" he leaves the question hanging, staring off into space.

Ask him about Grandad (After bringing up Emily)

"Hmmmm, oh yeah, I said the trooper thing, didn't I?" he chuckles softly again.

"Grandad's first generation Midgard, fought in the Orbital Wars. My mom doesn't much care for him, I guess he kind of left her to go fight or something, but he's got the best stories."

"He command a couple dozen drone operators and each of them had probably ten plus drones. He won a ton of battles against the Nationals, has a whole wall full of trophies."

He stares off into space for a bit. "Man, that's the life. Probably won't ever see another war like that though."

Watch him

He stalks around a bit nervously, mostly avoiding the patrons. Every time one of the Third Eye comes near him, he flinches back almost violently.

Eventually, that strange girl brushes near him and he runs out in a panic. Huh, she's weird, but she doesn't really look scary.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Seems to remove the encounter.

Leave him

You avoid him. It's really easy, almost as though he's just as invested in avoiding you.

See Walk Away

If encountered while Etheric

A well-built young man in a fraternity t-shirt takes one look at you from across the room and bursts out the emergency exit. The sirens are pretty irritating until they get shut off, but you certainly feel scarier now.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

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