Network Integrator


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Description This marvelously complex piece of code is the second step in the Golden Chip's "Subversion Testing" network. When applied to one of your subverted sites, it makes that site into a hub for your entire network.

They were also nice enough to provide some documentation, even if they call them "man pages." From a quick read, controlling one of these hubs sounds a bit like a double-edged sword. It helps protect your network from attacks and provides a strong point from which to launch counterattacks, but if it falls… well, it's hooked into all your other sites… so that's probably bad.

The program is single-use, but requires that you install it. According to the man pages, it's a safety feature to prevent accidental integration.
Use If installed, gives the ability "Run Network Integrator" on a website that is in your network. On use:

'You integrate your network with <site name> as the hub. Your entire network begins clicking through the site with regular activity.'

Future visits to the site include this message in the description:

'A steady rhythm of data traffic echoes from your computer's speakers, identifying it as a hub in your network.'
Type Program
Requires 1 Processor


No longer: Subversion Testing, Second Round (1st place only?)
No longer: Subversion Testing, Current rounds, awarded every day to the player with the biggest gains the previous day, as long as the gains are at least 50 signal.


Twist a Network Integrator onto another and see what happens
Requires advanced interpreter
Network Integrator Network Integrator
= Recursive Integrator
See what your Network Integrator makes of a Viral Search
Requires advanced interpreter
Network Integrator Viral Search
= Search Integrator
computerchip.jpg Can be decompiled, results unknown
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.


Comes attached to the following message from GTST:

You've made incredible strides today, bringing X signal online for the tuning. There's a little sign of our appreciation attached to this message and another in the OmniMall. Keep up the good work.

Where X is 50 or above.

Comes attached to the following message from GTST at the end of a Subversion Testing round, if some condition is met. Possibly after having subverted a high/the highest number of sites in that round.

Congratulations! Day after day, you more than pulled your weight on this project. We just wanted to show our appreciation.


This item got changed from stored data to program on September 28th, 2011. This was done to avoid accidental usage while hacking. The original description didn't include the last paragraph.

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