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Southside Park-related
A day undercover with the Fangs, Metroplex's newest gang. (I got this on the second turn of my run, pre southside quest)
Southside residents requesting aid from the city to combat increased drug violence. Pre docks quest
Paranoia grips Southside as residents report being watched from the shadows. (This was pre-docks quest if that matters)
With peace, chess returns to Southside. Post docks quest
Requests for aid from Southside have tapered off with claims that they have resolved their problems internally. Post docks quest
The city council renews its safety ban on consuming fish from Lake Metroplex.
Students report singing fish people in Lake Metroplex. Dock workers report students should lay off the drugs. Before getting Ocean/Fae Eyes? (I still get this message with Fae Eyes)
Workers report flickering lights in abandoned sewer tunnels near the Docks, raising concerns about flammable gas. Before getting Ocean/Fae Eyes?
Dock workers complain of mistreatment at the hands of guards and smugglers. Got just after finishing docks quest
Student artist disappears in the night. Midgard security blames drug abuse. Before ever checking the charnel house?
The Golden Chip, hacker haven or urban legend?
Are Metroplex University students using school resources to play shockingly violent video games?
Students found paying ringers to handle required programming assignments. (Encounter the student for Coding Assistance? Unlock the Computer Lab?)
Children squatting in dock warehouses live in inhuman conditions, including little food and no medical care. Before completing Docks Medicine quest
Rather than fishing in Lake Metroplex, why not compete to catch virtual bass like these university students?
Midgard denied a request for student access to helidrone communication components, claiming security concerns.
University staff downplay complaints about student websites being hacked.
University students complain of gang activity and pool hustlers in the Happy Hour.
Is Metroplex University training a new generation of hackers?
Gang warfare openly breaks out on Metroplex University's Quad, threatening the Third Eye's control over the area. Got this after PvP in the docks.
Midgard-funded research touches off Metroplex University riots. Before ending the protest (I hadn't spent a single turn on the quad at this point)
Riots on Metroplex University campus have ended, but concerns over Midgard Security's handling of the situation remain. Ending the protest (which method?)
Riots on Metroplex University campus have ended peacefully, thanks to the firm hand of Midgard Security. Ending the protest on campus (which method?)
What is the Blind Legion and why is it trying to recruit university students?
Midgard Security reports punk students are becoming increasingly violent. After killing at least 1 punk on the quad
Midgard-sponsored research lands university professor in hot water.
Midgard released records today showing that the supposed kidnappings on the Docks were legitimate arrests.
Midgard denied a request for student access to helidrone communication components, claiming security concerns.
Students have begun daring each other to eat sushi made from the fish of Lake Metroplex as a rite of passage. If you don't have sushi kit.
Metroplex University reports it sends more electrical engineers and drone engineers to work for Midgard than any other school. If you don't have an electrical kit.
Although the Slags is still years removed from being livable, the efforts thus far have made Metroplex University a center for chemical science. If you don't have a chemistry kit (and got to the Slags?)
Management of the Happy Hour continue to deny reports that weapon deals are being brokered in their back room. If you don't have a utility blowtorch
The city council would like to remind all citizens that the Slags should be left to Midgard professionals with appropriate protective gear. Got this a couple turns after unlocking and visiting the Slags for first time.
Midgard scientist institutionalized after claiming the Slags oil slicks animate after storms. (Got this shortly after unlock the slags)
Released Midgard documents show an extensive, but sadly unsuccessful, search for survivors of the facilities destroyed in the Slags Incident. (Got this shortly after unlock the slags)
Silver Courier and other drone shipping companies issued a joint statement today, claiming that recent drone losses over the Slags are due to freak storms, not hacking.
Boats traveling near the Slags have seen a ship during especially bad storms. Is it a vessel grounded among the oil slicks or another seafarers' legend? This was before starting the Ship of the Damned quest
Squatters still cling to their lives just beyond the Slags walls, despite the health risks.
One brave Metroplex University student has made the polluted southern shores of Lake Metroplex her classroom. If you've never met Andrea?
Workers in Oldtown explain their construction shortfalls by pointing to the architect's ever-changing plans and misplaced fear of Midgard drones. Before finding the Oldtown blueprints?
Lattes! executives announced today that their new "Personal Lattes" program is breaking all previous sales records.
The Midgard Records facility in Oldtown has been evacuated do to an unknown threat. Midgard Security has no comment at this time.
Several workers at Midgard Records have been brought up on charges of criminal negligence for allowing industrial spies access to the facility. (found July 2017; maybe having Oldtown access but not found a way into the facility?)
New construction in Oldtown has hit a hitch, with construction crews blaming it on Midgard-mandated computer upgrades and Midgard pointing to OmniTech hardware (found July 2017; maybe added after the Third Eye update?)
Midgard Internal Security releases a statement denying that they'd lost a shipment of puzzle boxes and labeling the rumors ridiculous. mysterious puzzle box in season (#1)
prototype coat in season (#2)
Gas leak leads to insanity and explosions at science facility outside Metroplex. red-lensed goggles in season (#3)
A Midgard spokeswoman laughed at claims the company had found the secret of immortality. Urban Legends, Vol. 1 in season (#4)
University building crews find no evidence of crystalline trees, despite strangely persistent rumors. crystalline flame in season (#5)
Festive winter hats are in this season! festive knit hat in season (#6)
elegantly torn pants in season (#7)
Regional president of OmniTech Oceania denies experimenting with polymer-eating sludge, but suggests that anyone with sludge should feed it the best OmniTech polysteel. hungry ooze in season (#8)
Reports that Midgard has been harvesting endangered birds' feathers took an ironic turn with the accuser's friends claiming he was carried off by a giant bird. feathered cloak in season (#9)
Extreme Tackle Box in season (#10)
Midgard Entertainment announced new plans to dethrone Zaibatsu from control of the world's media. No word on any plans to avoid the pitfalls of the Midgard Player. Midgard Player in season (#11)
Zaibatsu issued a recall of Stellar Defense Team Omega merchandise, claiming it was found to be "terribly dangerous, especially the integrated flamethrower," resulting in the least successful recall in corporate history. Zalian defense tool in season (#12)
Midgard Entertainment denies reports that an ex-employee was behind dangerous VR helmets being smuggled in from Hong Kong. HKGames helmet in season (#13)
Emerald Gift scrapbook in season (#14)
Auctions continue apace as Leandra Silver's possessions slowly filter out into the public sphere, including her personal zoo and expansive collection of mirrors. Our thoughts are with her family. antique floor mirror in season (#15)
Auctions continue apace as Leandra Silver's possessions slowly filter out into the public sphere, even though the collection of serpent-themed shields was apparently intended for her children. shield of scales in season (#16)
Are cargo pants finally coming back in style? spacious cargo pants in season (#17)
Leading anti-Midgard voices ask others to moderate their rhetoric, particularly avoiding ridiculous accusations like brainwashing children or making accessories out of endangered wolves' hides. wolfskin belt in season (#18)
One of our reporters goes undercover, trying to find evidence of the rumored Rag Man Killer. Rag Man's cape in season (#19)
nostalgic toy catalog in season (#20)
The Cyberbowl has reaffirmed its stance on modular enhancements, pointing out they can't allow just anything that plugs into cybernetics or everyone would be driving tanks. grappler gauntlets in season (#21)
Following several protests in Eurasia, Midgard managers released a series of snide announcements arguing the mines aren't haunted because ghosts aren't real. scuffed mining helmet in season (#22)
The source of the cup, found near Southside, carved from human bone is still unknown. goblet of bones in season (#23)
Midgard materials scientists conclude the so-called crystal spine is a hoax. It is nothing more than cheap, but resilient, resin mix poured into a mold. crystal spine in season (#24)
toad statue in season (#25)
holosight rifle in season (#26)
dancing hut figure in season (#27)
designer vines in season (#28)
Book of Common Dreams in season (#29)
Midgard sources indicate a substantial decrease in employee morale after discontinuing anniversary mirrors. Anniversary pocket mirror in season (#30)
A new generation of programmers claim that a trail of breadcrumbs has been left through the Novos code to test them. coat of mysterious circuitry in season (#31)
Masks aren't just for Halloween anymore! Exclusive masquerades are burning through the upper crust. abstract domino mask in season (#32)
Despite numerous complaints from university students and staff, chunks of the Hall of Sculptures exhibits' continue to show up on the black market. black tablet shard in season (#33)
Zaibatsu's replica blades of the snows have been found to be toxic. If you find one that made it into the city, please report it to Metroplex customs. blade of the snows in season (#34)
The Stainless Skulls are preparing for a reunion tour, with Midgard handling all the details for the classic metal band. News on concert dates when they've been finalized. Stainless Skulls helmet in season (#35)
OmniTech has withdrawn its line of ReflexCoil active wear, following several incidents where elderly users suffered strained muscles or broken bones instead of the promised pep in their step. Reflexcoil pants in season (#36)
A prank goes wrong as a chain-covered student is mistaken for a vengeful ghost and beaten to death. Charmed chain in season (#37)
Midgard Entertainment announced new plans to dethrone Zaibatsu from control of the world's media. No word on any plans to avoid the pitfalls of the unreleased Home Game System. Midgard HGS Prototype in season (#38)
With memories of the Orbital Wars fading, a deadly battle can become a summer blockbuster. Are the horrific propaganda fiction novels next? Tattered horror paperback in season (#39)
Midgard Internal Security are still searching for the sniper who killed their executive downtown. Bullet-holed vest in season (#40)
Auctions still progress, slowly splitting up the possessions of Leandra Silver. Who is the mysterious investor who purchased her collection of antique lenses? Lens focused on the unknown in season (#41)
Searches for Midgard's lost arctic expedition have been called off, but items claimed to be from the expedition continue to appear in the black market. Incredibly abused pants in season (#42)
Geneology is a hot topic again, with leading back to Orbital War heroes and even further back to royalty. Will anyone rise up to reclaim those ancient crowns? costume crown in season (#43)
The search continues for a shipment of ancient coins intended for a Eurasian museum. Although some believe the coins sunk, many suggest they were ferried off to shore. ferry coin in season (#44)
Is Metroplex's resurgence of writing being driven by rampant drug use? classic writing desk in season (#45)
Are today's children forming new dueling clubs or are they just idolizing the decadent rich of yesteryear? dueling jacket in season (#46)
Amid employee protests and condemnation from shareholders, Aerobinc has ceased weapons production. Ecofuel flamethrower in season (#47)
Several corporations in Eurasia have reportedly banned "tactical goggles" in their territories citing recent assassinations of senior executives. tactical goggles in season (#48)
With Zaibatsu buying the rights to "Trick or Treat" and the Harvester, a movie announcement is expected any day. Sources suggest it'll be every bit as gory as the banned original. Trick or Treat in season (#49)
Gamers are fascinated by the metal mazes being leaked through a few exclusive vendors. They're said to be viral marketing, but for who? Shifting Maze in season (#50)
The Intercorporate Council of Stage Magicians is considering moving its headquarters to Metroplex, stating the city's ban on neural recordings is a major motivating factor. trick top hat in season (#51)
Remember trendy dancewear company Moodlight? Well, they're in the news again for another round of recalls. Those lights? It turns out they're still too bright. Moodlight glove in season (#52)
Zaibatsu's love for mascots has gone wrong with Kumachikun, a spider mascot whose plug legs are sharp enough to draw blood. A recall is underway in Midgard-held territories, although Zaibatsu denies any "real danger" to children. mascot adapter in season (#53)
Another recall on house plants today, citing insects and even fungal growth. OmniTech announced a fifty percent rebate for those effecting on its competing TinyTree line. personal tree in season (#54)
Midgard Security chief assures Metroplex that they remain vigilant against the Blood Rose gang, but that none have been seen within a thousand kilometers. blood rose amulet in season (#55)
Despite Midgard warnings, scavengers pick over the remains of Midgard's post-Incident field hospitals. Let's see what they've found! dusty clipboard in season (#56)
Artifacts that may date back to the Orbital Wars have been appearing in Metroplex, some surfacing in Southside. No matter whether you were corporate, nationalist, or dove, that's quite a find! orbital watch in season (#57)
Following the tragic discovery of several trapped teens, Midgard Security would like to remind citizens that not only is the area round the Slags toxic, but that a condemned hospital is never the place for romantic meetings. And who could argue with that? wispy hospital pants in season (#58)
Although officially dismissed by the religious leaders of Metroplex, tall tales of vengeful ghosts going after their shooters are all the rage in the more dangerous parts of the city. A new vigilante or desperate urban legend? smoldering gun in season (#59)
The only story that was still legible is "Bug collecting is all the rage in Zaibatsu territory, but is it safe for kids to look for bugs in Metroplex?" Encyclopedia of Bugs in season (#60)
Reports are in that Midgard Security wiped out a major crew just outside Metroplex. Sounds like fresh food might be getting a bit cheaper thanks to their hard work. raider mask in season (#61)?
Gang warfare has broken out in several areas throughout Metroplex, with gangs openly fighting for control. Got this in pvp on the quad, right after killing Third Eye Hunter (we had full for a while)
Midgard Security refuses comment on powerful gangs smuggling weapons and untaxed luxury goods into the city.
Workers report gangs fighting for control of sewer mushroom beds beneath the Docks.
Another party of urban spelunkers have gone missing attempting to search for a rumored abandoned subway station beneath the Docks. After discovering the subway?
Midgard Security released a statement that The Vigilante, for all his popularity, had done more harm than good. Haven't started the Vigilante quest yet.
Are the Docks being used as a black market for powerful gangs' smuggling?
Reports of a black market in Southside, open only to those in the most dangerous gangs.
Midgard promised to investigate accusations that some of its employees may be engaged in smuggling on the side. (While in the Waterfront?)
The missing artist from Metroplex University has been found and, reportedly, will be returning to classes after receiving appropriate medical care. (This was about 2 days after getting ghoultouched)
OmniMall offers the ability to buy and sell to anyone else on the Net, but how can Metroplex prevent this from becoming a new form of smuggling? If you have completed the main questline but don't have the Omnimall site yet
Christmas time is almost here and nowhere is that more obvious than at Metroplex University with their annual snowman contest. Between December 20-24th, yearly
Happy Metroplex Day! I hope everyone's headed to the Docks to see the fireworks. On August 13th, yearly
The local weather and highlights from area schools. Possibly only when Rachel is out of all other stories? (I've never gotten this from newspapers)

Plus 4 more, as of early March 2015.

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