Nfisted Appreciation



Encounter Conditions

had to have helped advertise the party
(I was nonetheric)


A familiar young man in a fraternity shirt approaches you, his concerned frown becoming an appreciative grin for a moment. "Hey, great job helping out with the advertising!"

"You kick ass, you get to double-fist it!" he tosses you one beer, then another. Huh, they've upgraded from Metros Light to Metros Special… you suppose that qualifies as pulling out all the stops.

You found: 2 bottles of Metros Special

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Singlefisted Appreciation?

Didn't advertise, but did listen to the plan.

A young man approaches you, his expression an obvious mix of forced smile and concerned grimace. "Happy Halloween! Take a load off, have a brew!"

He tosses you a Metros Special. Ah, must really be a party then, if they're moving up from their normal Metros Light.

You found: Metros Special

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