NickOTime Filtering


Image shippingdrone25.jpg
Description Years ago, Midgard maintained all its own shipping drones. Eventually, they realized it was higher profit to sell the drones and then sell the constant stream of replacement parts. NickOTime was one of their first contracts and still delivers most commercial goods within the city.

This filter should narrow your searches to their drones, until it goes out of date… which is unfortunately quite rapidly.
Hidden Flags Filtering Effect


Temporarily catch NickOTime drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
Quest recipe: learn recipe from Drone Registry.
computerchip.jpg Filtering Script
= You've gained 20 duration of NickOTime Filtering.


When active, it filters out only NickOTime Drones from the Shipping Drone Net, on the shoreline site.

Activating another Filtering Effect with this effect active converts all duration of the effect to duration of the new filter.

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