There are several products you can make with a Mutant Cell Sample and various Protein Analyzer results to make a jar of nightmarish creatures. When you break (use) the jar, several nightmarish creatures come out for you to fight.

All jars require 8 Base Will to open, and you need at least one Energy left.

The following count as Nightmares-in-a-jar:

(You can also use the Twisted Cell Culture to start a fight, but this is unrelated to progress on this quest.)

If you use five different jars and win all fights in the same day, you gain the Lord of Nightmares skill at the end of your last fight:

It's over, you've crushed them. No more nightmares, at least not for you.

You've learned a new Skill: Lord of Nightmares

If you five different jars and lose or run away from the fights, you gain the Slave to Nightmares skill at the end of your last fight:

It's over, you're surrounded. Always… nightmares everywhere.

You've learned a new Skill: Slave to Nightmares

You need to lose/run or win to 5 different monsters, winning to some and losing-to/running-from others won't give the skills until you complete the set.

The more unique jars you open and win, the tougher the fights become:

Other jars opened
Item Opponent 0-1 2-3 4+
ghoul cell culture Ghoul 3 4 5
mold culture Mold Golem 2 3 4
shivering cell culture Living Sludge 2 3 4
spider cell culture Horrific Spider 2 3 4
tendril culture Writhing Mass 3 4 5
warring samples Sewer Mutant 3 4 5

The difficulty is reset at rollover.

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