Nightmarish Artistry


Image paint.jpg
Description The right touch of paint in the right place makes everything a little more terrifying. You're even scaring yourself a little, but you'll run out of paint soon enough.
Effects +5 Etheric Power
-5 Will


From using a nightmarish paint set. (1 Energy)


Allows you to craft special paper mache works of art. To learn the recipes of these fantastic creations, you must manually "use" the paper mache from your inventory screen. Not the crafting screen.

Using 1 pile of paper mache:
With some ghoul teeth, and other conditions?

A flash of inspiration strikes!

You blank out for a moment, then find yourself with a terrifying doll head that seems to include some of your ghoul teeth. That's… kind of terrifying.

You create: twisted doll head

With ghoulish crown and ghoul maw (or maybe just one of them?)

You glom the paper mache into a ball, stare at it for a while, then poke eyeholes into it. Tada! A face!

And if you add some ghoul teeth, it's you!

You create: twisted doll head

Using 3 piles of paper mache:

You carefully shape a mask and paint it all manner of nightmarish colors.

You create: devil mask

Using 50 piles of paper mache:

Looking over your massive pile of paper mache and leftover paint, there's really only one option: creating a true monster of a pinata, one children the world over will want to beat with sticks.

You create: monstrous pinata

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