Image FilledtestTube25.jpg
Description This test tube is brightly labeled in several languages. Apparently it's a bad idea to drop it. Sounds like it might be a good idea to drop it on someone, though.
Class Usable
Use You carefully stow the vial of Nitro for use later.
Multi You carefully position vials of Nitro within reach so you can use them later.
Effects You've learned a new Technique: Nitro


Dockside Sewers vigilante justice combat encounter
Midgard Bioresearch encounter: Wandering Worker
Midgard Laboratory encounter: Addict By Osmosis
Midgard Warehouse encounter: Stacks of Crates
The Quad vigilante justice combat encounter
Second Floor encounter: Ramshackle Fortress
Opening a crate of explosives, massive weapons crate, or Third Eye stash
Salvaging a micro rocket
Drops from insane slasher, protesters†, warehouse supervisor
Sometimes received from Dr. Thomas for being an excellent drugdealer.

†possibly only the 4-protester vigilante justice encounter

Dissolve a lake serpent sample in powerful acid to get some Nitro. Just don't drop it.
Lake Serpent Sample Powerful Acid
= Nitro

(Dr. Myers or the Protein Receiver can teach you this recipe, although you can discover it yourself with Experimental Chemistry; this is a quest recipe)

Process two sticks of dynamite into one vial of pure Nitro
Dynamite Dynamite
= Nitro

(chemistry papers, a descrambled tv, Lab Workers, or a Science Blog can teach you this recipe, although you can discover it yourself with Experimental Chemistry; this is a quest recipe)

Extract the Nitro from four Gas Grenades
Quest Recipe: Learn from Shared Files.
ChemKit25.jpg 4 Gas Grenades
= Nitro


Can be used to blow your way through the Slags Lab entrance, the wall of crates, or the warehouse office door.

Add a bit of Nitro to your Legal Firework
Legal Firework Nitro
= Enhanced Firework
Kick a vial of Nitro up a notch with some of these white flakes
Nitro White Flakes
= NitroX
Mix nightmare fuel with Nitro to create an etheric explosive
Nitro Nightmare Fuel
= Necrotic Vial
Mix Nitro into the Clear Draught
Clear Draught Nitro
= Unstable Draught
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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