Nitro (Technique)


Image FilledTestTube.jpg
Description A fire attack based on reflexes.
Chain 4
Type Fire
Attribute Reflexes
Hidden Flags (Science Technique)
Base Damage 6

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6
You hurl a vial of Nitro at <opponent>. It explodes with a resounding boom and deals <X> damage.
With Engineer Explosives 9
You hurl a vial of Nitro at <opponent>. It explodes with surprising vigor, dealing him <X> damage.
While Underwater -
You hurl a vial towards <opponent>, but it just floats calmly in the water, never connecting hard enough to explode.
Following Gas Techniques (currently NPC only) 12 Not (currently) usable by the player
You hurl a vial of Nitro at <opponent>. It ignites the gas surrounding him, exploding even more violently and dealing <X> damage.


Using Nitro.

Used By (Opponents)

Dr. Mira
Insane Slasher
Midgard Scientist
Punk Bomber
Warehouse Supervisor

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