Non-Undodgeable Evasion Techniques

Some techniques are Undodgeable which can ignore opponent's Evasion techniques with the message:

The attack came from an unexpected angle, avoiding opponent's defense.

For example, an opponent trying to use Dive for Cover would normally block Ranged attacks, but the tricky Dueling Shot (which is Undodgeable) can shoot at an unexpected angle and hit someone using Dive for Cover anyway.

However - some evasion techniques continue to work even when Undodgeable. These are generally things like withdrawing underwater, turning to stone, burrowing underground, where an attack at an unexpected angle wouldn't help any. These are called Non-Undodgeable Evasion Techniques [come up with better name].

Non-Undodgeable Techniques

Chitin Barrier (following Living Spear)
Cinematic Dodge

Animal Curl Up (NPC only)
Burrow Into Garbage (NPC only)
Centipede Sting (NPC only)
Collapse Into Mist (NPC only)
Disperse (NPC only)
Water Lurk (NPC only)
Circles (NPC only)

(See discussion for additional testing)


When testing for Non-Undodgeable Evasion Techniques, you need to be careful you are using the right forms of techniques that are Undodgeable, as most only trigger under certain circumstances. Demonslaying Blade only with high enough evasion power, Green Shot only while outdoors, In The Sights only with scope and long distance, etc.

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