Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Type

Noncombat encounters are encounters that display one page of text, without giving the player any choices for how to proceed (unlike choice encounters), and without beginning combat. They typically take 1 energy to experience, and may have any number of effects.

See also: Chance Of Noncombat Encounters, Special Encounters

List of Noncombat Encounters

Abandoned Operating Room Midgard Laboratory
Abominable Snowman Leaderboard Dorms
Acid Rain Third Floor
Adult Supervision The Quad
And They'd Be Right Dockside Sewers
A Round For My Friends The Happy Hour
A Taste Of His Own Medicine Halloween Party 2009
Back Stabbing King Squatter's Refuge
Back To Shore Ghost Ship
Beaming Bum Southside Park
Betogad Protester Halloween Party 2009
Bleeding Stone Hall Of Sculptures
Blinded By The Light The Happy Hour
Blind Legion Canvassing Southside Park
Bloated Carcass Tainted Shoreline
Bloody Still Life Hall of Paintings
Boats Overhead Lake Metroplex (North)
Boring Guard The Quad (During Protest)
Breaking The Fourth Window The Black Book
Building Control (The Quad) The Quad
Buried Treasure Tainted Shoreline
Buzzing Lights Hall Of Sculptures
Bye Bye Dorms Hall of Paintings (Halloween 2012)
Cabled Hall Buried Lab
Campus View Hall Of Sculptures (Halloween 2013)
Candy Gifting Emerald Gift Party
Cave Rex The Spider's Nest
Center Of Attention Sewer Hideout
Christmas 2010 People Mostly Students Cleaning Things Up Aft The Quad
Christmas Call The Quad
Concert Status Basement Ballroom (2010)
Consolidating Control (Southside) Southside Park
Crate Status Basement Ballroom (2010)
Crowd Writhes And Jerks Hall of Paintings
Cul De Sac Abandoned Subway
Dance In The Sewage Dockside Sewers
Dark Hunter Fractured Reflection (Winter)
Dead Gang Boss Sewer Hideout
Deeper Into The Camp Sewer Hideout
Didn't Make It Special Encounters
Distant Rumble Buried Lab
Docks Fishing Waterfront
Dodging The Slodge Lake Metroplex (South)
Drifting Hawk Feather Special Encounters
Drifting Owl Feather Special Encounters
Drifting Raven Feather Special Encounters
Drive Demand (Sewers) Dockside Sewers
Drive Demand (Southside) Southside Park
Drive Demand (The Quad) The Quad
Drive Demand (Waterfront) Waterfront
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