Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Type

Noncombat encounters are encounters that display one page of text, without giving the player any choices for how to proceed (unlike choice encounters), and without beginning combat. They typically take 1 energy to experience, and may have any number of effects.

See also: Chance Of Noncombat Encounters, Special Encounters

List of Noncombat Encounters

Dusty Village Street Dusty Encounters
Early Christmas Present The Quad
Eclipse Plotter Rewards Dorms
Eclipse Treat The Happy Hour
Ecliptic Books VIP Room
Emerald Infestation Collapsed Dorm
Enough Shaking Down Waterfront (Before Quest)
Evacuation Map Records Office
Evacuation Maze Records Office
Faceless Hunter Fires Of The Black Book
Fae Illumination Records Vault
Fae In The Fog The Charnel House (Reopened)
Feather Freezes Special Encounters
Fiery Transformation Halloween Party 2009
Floating Masks Hall Of Sculptures
Flowing Tiles Abandoned Subway
Found Glowing Bauble Midgard Laboratory
Frat Rewards Dorms
Freak Storm Tainted Shoreline
Freelancer's Paycheck Midgard Laboratory
Free Oj The Quad
Free Trees (Quad) The Quad
Ghost Ship Fishing Ghost Ship
Ghoul In The Rafters Squatter's Refuge
Groaning Walls Hollow Dorms
Halloween Break In The Happy Hour
Handy Limb Hall of Paintings
Hardhat Zone Construction Site
Haunting Music Common Room
Helloooo Nurse! Emerald Gift Party
Hidden Fishing Spot Waterfront
Hunting Shapes The Charnel House (Reopened)
Improper Burial Collapsed Dorm
Insect Collection Hall Of Sculptures
Jess Selling Art The Quad
Jess Supports Safe Parties The Quad
Jess The Fundraiser The Quad
Large Landscape Hall of Paintings
Little Eddie's Man Southside Park
Lonesome Quad Hall Of Sculptures
Loose Brick Southside Park
Lower Calm Section Below The Charnel House
Makeshift Omega Order Collapsed Dorm
Mambo Dogface To The Banana Patch Halloween Maze
Massive Speakers Emerald Gift Party
Massive Stone Hall Of Sculptures
Maxwell's Reward The Quad
Maze Of Cubicles Records Office
Meeting Carlos Southside Park (before quest)
Memento for Murder Midgard Laboratory
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