Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Type

Noncombat encounters are encounters that display one page of text, without giving the player any choices for how to proceed (unlike choice encounters), and without beginning combat. They typically take 1 energy to experience, and may have any number of effects.

See also: Chance Of Noncombat Encounters, Special Encounters

List of Noncombat Encounters

Metroplex Day Is Starting Waterfront
Metroplex Day Rewards Waterfront
Missing Student The Quad
Mushroom Picking Dockside Sewers
Mystery Murderess Collapsed Dorm
Nfisted Appreciation Happy Hour Halloween
No Halloween Shipment The Quad
No More Ghouls Waterfront
No More Voices Southside Park
Nonsensical Encounter Names Are A Bit Annoying, What? Halloween Maze
Nurse Girl Now In Ballroom Gives You E. G. Prerelease Basement Ballroom (2011)
Ocean Singing Tainted Shoreline
Ocean's Inventory Midgard Warehouse
Orbital Veterans Hall Of Sculptures
OSHA Violation Misty Offices
Overpowering Stench The Charnel House
Owl Feather (Floats Away) Special Encounters
Pain From The Rafters Squatter's Refuge
Parasol Portrait Hall of Paintings
Party Party Happy Hour Halloween
Party Status Halloween Setup 2009
Patrolling The Party Basement Ballroom (2010)
PDA Rundown VIP Room
Peaceful Swimming Lake Metroplex (North)
Pirate Jess Hall of Paintings
Pirate Jess 2013 Hall Of Sculptures (Halloween 2013)
Porcelain Tree Hall Of Sculptures
Prehistoric Horror Hall of Paintings
Pre-Metroplex Day Excitement The Quad
Protesting Quad Hall Of Sculptures
Quad Crackdown The Quad (During Protest)
Quad Dispersal The Quad (During Protest)
Raver VIP Room
Reality Closing In Mushroom Cavern
Records Office Evacuation Records Office
Refuge Transformed Squatters' Refuge
Rescued Guard Waterfront
Reverted Refuge Squatter's Refuge
Rowdy Crowd The Quad (During Protest)
Scared Hipster Computer Lab
Scavenge (Sewers) Dockside Sewers
Scavenge (Southside) Southside Park
Scavenge (The Quad) The Quad
Scavenge (Waterfront) Waterfront
Security (Sewers) Dockside Sewers
Security (Southside) Southside Park
Security (The Quad) The Quad
Security (Waterfront) Waterfront
Shadowy Form Midgard Laboratory
Shadowy Hounds Basement Ballroom (2010)
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