Noncombat Use For Techniques

The major use for Techniques is in combat, however there are a handful of places where it matters in non-combat contexts.

In general, these checks do not require the techniques to be in your deck, but merely that they are known to you.

Technique Encounter Result
Release the Hounds Dr. Johnson, I presume Checks if you have any known copies of, and can consume instances.
Light of the Eye Static TV Programs Different messages, if you know enough copies with Third Eye Technique
Angular/Blocky/Flowing/Mysterious Scripts Called Back to the Tablet Learn Rune techniques, and consume instances.
Evil Eye Starry Gaze In The Museum Learn Starry Gaze and consumes instances.
Sword techniques descrambled TV Different result if you have in your current deck BUT don't actually have a sword equipped.
Various First Person Shooter in the Open Computer Lab checks your techniques to determine what kind of weapon you use.
National Call Hunting Fire Consumes instance to pass the encounter.
Orbital Demonstration Hunting Fire Consumes instance to pass the encounter.
Clustered Shot Chained Freight Elevator Unlocks the elevator (requires automatic weapon)
  • Swirling Portal for Halloween 2010 and 2011 can send in Hounds, Spiders, and (presumably, though undiscovered) Winged Hunters.
  • Getting a weapon (basic or custom) from a gang smuggler gives different results based on your deck composition.
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