Novos Defenders

In Novos hacking, every round of hacking gerneates 1 ore more points of Alert (see that page for full details). When the alert reaches about 20-25 points, you get kicked off the site, ending the hacking encounter. Some sites also have defenders which activate at lower levels of alert.


All sites will kick you out if you reach a certain threshold. This threshold is approximately 20-25 Alert, but varies subtly by site.

No defenders

For example, the Piecemeal Network has the following defenses:

Defenders Alert
Kick Never at ≤20 Sometimes at 21-22 Always at ≥23


  • You will never get kicked at 20 Alert or less.
  • A 33%* chance to get kicked at 21 Alert.
  • A 66%* chance to get kicked at 22 Alert.
  • A 100% chance to get kicked at 23 Alert.

(*Needs checking if this chance is checked each round or pre-determined when you start the hacking. Looks like it is probably the latter.)

1 defender

For example, the Novos Test Server has the following defenses:
Defenders Alert
First defender: Watching Eyes Never at 5≤ Sometimes at 6-10 Always at ≥11
Kick Never at ≤22 Sometimes at 23-24 Always at ≥25

Getting kicked off takes priority over starting up other defender routines. If you raise alert very quickly, you can get kicked even if the Watching Eyes hasn't been activated.

If you don't get kicked, but the Alert is in the 6-10 range (as listed above), there is a chance to get the message "The system starts up its Watching Eyes routine.", which adds the Watching Eyes to the leftmost site of the visible routine list. Anything above 10 Alert, the Watching Eyes are guaranteed to activate if they haven't already.

2 or more defenders

For example, the Slags Lab has the following defenses:

Defenders Alert
First defender: Midgard Hound Never at ≤5 Sometimes at 6-8 Always at 9
Second defender: Midgard Protector Never at ≤13 Sometimes at 14-16 Always at 17
Kick Never at ≤22 Sometimes at 23-24 Always at ≥25

This works the same as you would expect with 1 defender unless you raise the alert quickly. If the alert is in the range where the second defender can start up and the first defender hasn't started up yet, you can get a copy of the second defender instead of the first. The next round, you can also get another copy of the second defender. This means, instead of getting a Midgard Hound and a Midgard Protector, you get 2 Midgard Protectors.


Some routines can disconnect you directly, irrespective of alert values. This can often be blocked with Defense or Hardening, or shitting down those routines before they can act. See Disconnect for details.

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