Novos Download Key


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Description Novos, or NovOS if you want to be pedantic, is supposed to be the next big thing: unifying software environments to allow for easier flow of information or some such. In any case, the version that you've got a key for here isn't really intended for use on a personal machine, but the files might still be interesting.

As far as you can tell, these keys are already associated with accounts. There's no real way to say for sure, though, until you use them.
Type Data (Usable)


View+Command on a Data Vault from the Novos News Network


When using it:

You check your key with the Novos servers. It seems they do have something waiting for you… well, waiting for whoever that key was for, in any case.

You found: Novos install package


You found: Novos functionality updates


You found: Novos system updates


You check your keys with the Novos servers, spacing it out so hopefully they don't get too suspicious. Nobody seems to be clearing out all the files intended for them, which suits you just fine.

You found: several of the above

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any sort of crafting.
computerchip.jpg This program cannot be decompiled.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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