Novos Responses

See Hacking for a general overview of Novos.

Once you submit a batch of functions, you get a series of messages describing the results of your actions. In general, this takes the form of:

  1. List of functions used in the batch.
  2. Post-batch function interactions/responses.
  3. Targeted routine response.
  4. Non-targeted routine responses (from defensive systems).
  5. Alert increase.
  6. System Response.
  7. Any item drops, effects or XP gained

Specifically, this gives the following messages:


Submitting a batch:
You queue up a batch for <routine> containing <list of functions>.

Or, reconnecting:
You exploit another way into the system, opening up new opportunities.
You try a different approach, exploiting a new way into <site> and opening up new opportunities.


Insufficient Memory:
Your current available memory can't keep your programs running, but you do your best.

Functions (see pages for details):

Routines (see pages for details):

Targeted Routine Response

All Routines (see pages for details)

Active (non-targeted) Routine Response

Routines (see pages for details):


If Alert = 1:
It's impossible to completely cover your tracks, but you get close.

If 2 ≤ Alert ≤ 4:
The system takes note of your actions, increasing the Alert by X.

If 5 ≤ Alert ≤ 9:
The system's automated defenses follow your tracks, increasing the Alert by X.

If 10 ≤ Alert:
The alarms from your action echo through the system, increasing the Alert by X.

And, with incognito > 0:
<one of above messages.> Without the way you slipped through the system, that could easily have been Y alert worse.

And, with incognito < 0:
<one of above messages.> You move through the system like a bull in a china shop, explaining Y of those alert.

System Response

With enough alert:
The system starts up its <defensive routine>.

With high alert:
Your connection flickers for a moment, then goes dead. Well, looks like it finally managed to block you.

With high alert, and biofeedback vest equipped:
Your connection flickers for a moment, then goes dead. Well, looks like it finally managed to block you. Your biofeedback system does not take it kindly, shocking you for 5-10 damage as you're dumped.

If you destroyed every routine:
There's nothing left to this system. It's probably time to move on. (With special additional messages for a few special system, see eg. Novos News Network. See also Relay Search.)

If you disconnect on purpose:
You disconnect from <system>.

If you have chattering drones, sometimes, on Shipping Drone Net:
The system already seems to be on the lookout for you.
The system hones in on you more easily than you'd normally expect


You found: <item>

You've gained <x> energy of <effect>

You've earned <x> XP in Perception/Will

Then, any guard response message from physical systems, possibly leading to a combat.

Note: XP is normally distributed randomly between Perception and Will, unless you have a Biofeedback vest on, in which case it is randomly distributed between the four attributes. A few of the XP gains are hard-coded to a specific attribute.

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