Obscuring Veil


Image NeedleStorm100.jpg
Type Defensive

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1-2 Offense, sometimes You hammer at the veil, but it doesn't budge. 4
2 Offense, sometimes You don't really understand the system, but can hit it hard enough to make it stop working. 4-5 Gain 3 XP, removes routine
1 View + 1 Offense You dug around trying to penetrate the veil, but didn't end up with the necessary amounts of insight and force to bring it down. ?
1 View + 1 Offense, with a Code Finesse check? It takes some digging to really understand the system but, once you do, a well-aimed attack brings it crashing down. 2 Gain 3 XP, removes routine
1 View Whoever built this was in full-on "security through obscurity" mode. It certainly had basic defenses built in, but it's leaning a lot on the assumption no-one will know what the creators were up to. 2-3
The veil doesn't respond to your batch, but you do get the feeling it's watching you. ?


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